View Full Version : Individaulity of spells and melee combat

09-21-2012, 01:39 PM
I was thinking about individualization of spell animations and melee combat. I think, the animations could get some revamp. For several years it is the same old FoD animation or Slay Living etc. pp.

But what about give some more flair bound to the race using that spell or class or alignment.

A Drow caster does not just cast a Finger of Death. People might see a small animation of Lolth's finger skewing the target (current CiTW skin of Lolth's hand).

A Monk changes attack animations according to his stances. Each stance might be a different martial art style according to race. The Dreadnought destiny gives some little startups for that. I'd liek to see more of new animations for either spells and tactical maneuvers.

What do you think?