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09-20-2012, 04:23 PM
Grüatzi Stranger,
Me is Skar, Hergottsakrament ! This is my list of epic posession.
If you want something just contact me ingame. The stuff I want most desperately is in my wants. I want to become the strongest & toughest melee of the world, and am in my 5th life as a tank. I cannot see your posessions so please never
ask me what I might want; please read my haves and wants below and provide an offer.

__________________________________________________ ____________________



Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger
Antique Greataxe
Big Top
Blademark Docent
Boots of the Mire
Brawn's Spirits
Bracers of the Claw
Brimstone Verge
Chainmail Coif
Cloak of the Silver Concord
Deneith Heavy Chain
Docent of Grace
Dragon's Eye
Envenomed Blade
Elder's Focus
Elyd Edge
Frozen Plate
Full plate of the Ringleader
Garos' Malice
Gem of many facets
Greatclub of the Scrag
Hammer of Life
Helm of Frost
Helm of the Mroranon
Illusionist's Robe
Ironweave Robe
Kronzek's cruelty
Kundarak Delving Boots
Kundarak Delving Goggles
Kundarak Delving Suit
Kundarak Warding Bracers
Kundarak Warding Shield
Lion-headed Belt Buckle
Mask of Comedy
Neclace of the Azure Prophecy
Neclace of the Crimson Prophecy
Neclace of the Silver Prophecy
Phirlan Mirror Cloak
Phirlan Spy Dagger
Rakshasa Hide
Ring of the Silver Concord
Robe of Fire
Ruby Encrusted Gauntlets
Sacred Helm
Shining Crest of St. Marcus
Staff of Arcane Power
Staff of Inner Sight
Stonemeld Plate
Sword of Shadows
Templar's Bulwark
Templar's Docent
Templar's Justice
Templar's Retribution
Templar's Robe
Twisted Talisman
Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers
Weathered Targe


+ 3 Str, Cha


+3 Lesser Heart of Wood
3 Raid Timer Bypasses
1 Large Collectables Bag
Shroudloot (11 Large Devil Scales, 3 Sulph Stones, 9 Shrapnels, 14 Arrowheads, 10 Chains, 7 Horns, 13 Bones)
ToD boot ingredients (4 demon blood, 2 Shavarath iron)
6000 Motes of Night
1 Mark of House Cannith (reduces level requirement of crafted item by 2)
4 Marks of the Yuguloth
6 Lightning-Split Soarwood
200 Major Mana Pots (105-600)i
2 collapsed portable holes
12 Orchard of Macabre Tapestries
11-15 of each Gianthold Relics
0 Green, 4 Red, 4 Blue and 3 Black Dragon Scales
1 Flawless, 21 Exceptional, 20 regular Siberys Dragonshards
35 tradable universal challenge tokens
22 Astral Diamonds bound to my account
37 Golden Festival Coins, 200 Silver Coins
4 million Platin
500+ greater crafting essences of each type

Random Loot:

+6 Intelligence Ring with minlv 9 (requires UMD ~16 or be a Halfling)
+30% Striding Ring with minlv 11

Named, unbound Items:

Spidersilk Robe (+3 Insightful Int), Pale Blue Ioun Stone, Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone, Blade of the High Priestess, Skyvault Shield, Globe of Imperial Blood, Staff of inner Sight, Alchemical Shortsword, Alchemical quarterstaff, Dusk Heart, Volkoorim Dervish Robe, Tourney Armor, Chainmail Coif, Golden Greaves, Watchers Blade, Insanity, Jorgundal's Collar, Spiked Turban, Cape of Roc, Maul of Malice

__________________________________________________ ________________



+4 All (of course also +3/+4 upgrades)
+5 All (of course also +4/+5 upgrades)


- TP
- EE Wall of Wood from lv 24 Overgrowth quest
- EE Ivy wraps
- Red Dragon Scales
- Haggling +15 Ring with minlevel no higher than 15
- Small and Medium Eberron Dragonshard Fragments
- Chronoscope Scrolls
- Elixirs of Major Mnemonic Enhancement (105-600 mana restored)
- Ancient Gemstone (Docent)
- Royal Guard Mask (Teleport clickie)
- + 6 Str and Cha Rings with minlevel 9
- +8 Rings of Str, Con, Cha with additional bonus in form of resists / Intimidate / Balance / Fortification / Toughness
- Int +8 Ring
- Other rare stuff that i don't need but that has some value (if you have nothing of the 'real' wants of course :) )

11-25-2012, 06:07 AM
Skar greets you once more.

Has developed new mechanism in tradepost:
New haves are written in bold while new and/or urgent wants are also written in bold.
2-3x per month Skar will update list.

Do not hesitate to trade !

11-27-2012, 06:49 AM
have scroll of brimstone verge. will trade for scroll of antique great axe pls.

send in game tell/mail to finbot and we can sort a trade.

alternately tell me your toon's name (i believe its skar, but want to be sure) and i will mail it to you.

12-17-2012, 05:19 PM
This turns out to be updated on a rater daily base *grin*

Contact me ingame if you want to trade stuff.