View Full Version : The combat log

09-20-2012, 03:35 AM
Please allow us to export the combat log from the game.

There are two variants, basically:

Real time

The combat log is exported as soon as it created and third party applications can analyse it. This allows things like accurate real time DPS meters, healing meters and even XP/min meters. It is the most useful of them all but maybe also the hardest to implement.

Non real time

A button somewhere that says "Export combat log" and it stores a text file somewhere with the contents of the entire combat log for that session. While it does not allow real time measurements, it still allows to draw some good conclusions afterwards. For example you could measure how often you missed, and against what type of enemies. You could theoretically calculate things like DPS afterwards if the exported combat log has a time signature.

I'd personally prefer the first method, but the second is fine as well.

IMHO this would really be helpful, and I am sure many talented forum people could then create useful and awesome tools for analysing which allows one to tune and fine tune ones character.