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09-18-2012, 12:53 PM
Epic elite is supposed to be the dificulty of choice for the top tier players, its supposed to be outrageously dificult. (whether it is or isnt seems to be somewhat quest dependant - and in places where its not obscenely dificult that should be addressed as a seperate issue.)

The issue I have with this relates to favour - namely that if epic elite is supposed to be 'challenge mode' for the top 5% then 95% of the population of the server dont have a hope in hell of gaining full favour with patrons that offer epic only quests. meaning that 95% of the server cant gain access to those rewards.

I therefore propose a very simple change.

epic normal should grant the same favour as heroic hard.
epic hard should grant the same favour as heroic elite.

Epic elite should grant the same favour heroic elite or epic hard.

There should be no gear that drops on epic elite that does not also drop on epic hard or epic normal - although drop rates will of course be higher. I particularly dislike the latest thing of the bonuses on named gear being tied to the dificulty you completed it on, that was a terrible decision.

Epic elite was designed as a challenge for the best of the best, those players NEED that challenge. The rest of the server doesnt want it and shouldnt be encouraged to run it untill they too are at that stage of gaming. Suggestions like mine benefit both sides of this argument - give the casuals and 'normal players' access to all the game, all the content - while still allowing for the super dificult challenge mode for those that feel things are too easy.

For those wondering - I do infact play epic elite from time to time, but most of my freinds and guildies dont.
As some one whos run an elite streak on a tr from lvl 1 thru to lvl 20 im not affraid of dificult quests - but i recognice that unlike heroic elite, epic elite is infact 'silly mode'. everything is turned up to 11. its not meant for 95% of the player base so favour rewards should take that into consideration.

There are other ways of handling this issue:
1. make sure all epic content also has heroic mode at a lower lvl.
2. make sure no favour patron offers rewards above a threshold of 'all heroic quests on elite, all epic only quests on hard, all challenges 3 star)

09-18-2012, 03:35 PM

We do need a difficulty level that challenges the best of the best, and the consequence is that it will be inaccessible to casual players. Rewards for the highest difficulty should be good to fit the challenge, but they should not be exclusive (with the possible exception of nominal/cosmetic awards like titles or pets). Things like better xp and better drop rates are fine, but items that only drop on epic elite are not.