View Full Version : Heir of Siberys and House Tarkanan

09-11-2012, 01:34 PM
So for the most part the Dragonmarks are useless right now. The Devs already said they are thinking of changes to them so I thought I'd throw in two ways I think could help make them more desirable.

Now that we have Epic Destinies Heir of Siberys is an easy choice for a way to boost dragonmarks. I'm not sure how some of the stuff from that Epic Destiny will carry over, obviously some of it will have to change and some new stuff should be made up for it. But there are somethings that transfer over from PnP pretty good:

Will of Siberys (21st level):
Each time you fail a saving throw against an effect that a save can end, you gain a cumulative +2 bonus to saving throws against that effect until the effect ends

This could be a big project for the devs especially since each mark would have pretty substantial difference in how the destiny might play out. Good news we only have 8 marks right now.

Speaking of that, the other thing I would like to see is aberrant dragonmarks. First off these things just look awesome, http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f332/PrimusZero1/101350.jpg

but then just think about having a half-orc fighter that is able to cast some spell like abilities such as cone of cold. For once we could have spell-swords without completely gimping either the melee dps or the Spell dmg. I'd have this be a p2p prestige class Child of Khyber, obviously have it be free for VIP but cost TP for everyone else to unlock. This might be a good favor unlock as well, probably some high Twelve favor rank unless they add a new faction for it.

Obviously this would have to be handled with care but the hard limit of dragonmark uses per rest should keep it from becoming overpowered as long as they don't add some dragonmark refreshing ability. This would also open the door to have House Tarkanan as an enemy. The return of the Lady of Plagues might be a fun epic level adventure pack in Eberron.