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09-09-2012, 07:39 PM
Ok here's my suggestion not sure if it's been said before. Turbine should make some chains based along the different religions of Eberron, IE: Lord of Blades, Silver Flame, Sovereign Host, etc. Because as it stands all there is is the Silver Flame and one Sovereign Host quest. And from my opinion people are getting tired listening to the Silver Flame. So what there should be is a different religion then the silver flam that you can do.

The Sovereign Host chain:

This starts out with you talking to a guy in the temple in House D. He tells you that the sword you recovered in Relic of Sovereign past has gone missing again. He says that he thinks it was taken by a group of spys working for the Silver Flame, then he sends you on a quest to infiltrate one of their masts and find out any information you can get out of there.

This quest would start out with everyone in a big room like the Church and the Cult. There's NPCs everywhere that you can talk to and supply a possible distraction (more on later). In one corner leads a hallway with a bunch of rooms branching off. At the entrance to the hallway are a pair of Silver Flame guards. Your objective is to get down the hallway and find the High Priests chambers. You have one of two (three if you have the Silver flame follower enhancement) You can either bluff them into thinking you're an acolyte, You can use diplomacy to ask them to let you in, or if you're a Silver Flame follower then you can go into the hallway without trouble. If you can't get either of these then you can go back into the main room and talk to some of the NPCs. If you talk to the correct one then you get an option to bribe them into making a distraction. It costs 5k plat and the guards will run away from their posts to calm him down. Once you're in the hallway then you can go into any of the doors.

The High Priest's chamber is in a room at the back of the hall. Once you enter the room see a desk, a bed, a small alter, and random decorations dedicated to the Silver Flame. On the desk is a set of papers that you can click on. Once you click on them the DM says something along the lines of "The Silver Flame appears to know nothing about the disappearance of (whatever the sword's name was). After that text appears The high priest walks in asking what you're doing in there. He then looks at the alter and screams that you've stolen "it". He shouts thieves and yells for the guards to come. A battle begins where the high priest and his two paladin body guards attack you. The high priest casts a lot of debuffs and CC spells. While the paladins are mainly a distraction. If damaged too much the paladins will use lay on hands to heal themselves. After the battle your goal is to escape the temple alive. All the doors that were on the side of the hallways are open and a number of mixed priests and paladins will come out to fight you. Once you get past them you leave the temple and complete the quest. When you talk to the quest giver he says this is disturbing news and that he wonders what this "it" was. He then gives you your reward and directs you to another cleric.

I'll say more later but right now this is probably a wall of text and you're getting bored. So that's it for now.

09-11-2012, 01:43 AM
2 things

1- this seem more appropriate for house P as they actually have churches, where as the others are more of establishments.

2- you can come up with a storyline/quests and submit them to turbine, who knows it might even get made. king's forest, pharland carnival, and afew more quests were/are developed/made by players

with that, good luck