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09-09-2012, 08:11 AM
Every single set item out there has their bonus be a specific type already inside the game.

TOD Rings : Arcane Archer set bonus is a 10% competence bonus
Any Savant set bonus is the same as a lore item so it won't stack.
House Cannith : Tinker's Finesse has the sneak damage be just regular item enhancement Backstabbing +5
Eveningstar: Woodsman set is the same sneak damage as the item enhancement Backstabbing +5

Every set item bonus out there is a insight/competence/untyped bonus which are also on non-set items in the game as well. You can get a ring of Backstabbing +5 and that negates the Woodsman set bonus completely.

Set Items are made to be a congratulations you spent these x item slots to get these specific items so here is a bonus of y. So if their bonuses were actually unique it would definitely be worthwhile to get those high item required sets such as the Chronoscope set.

My suggestion would be to set ALL of the set bonuses in game to be a Set bonus. Not untyped or insight but a Set Bonus as a new type in DDO.

09-09-2012, 09:09 AM
I would go even further and type them as "Woodsman Set Bonus", "Tinker's Set Bonus" so if down the line we get multiple sets they stack with each other.

Further I think super high end items should stack fully. The +2 Caster augment and +2 Evocation DC from Alchemical should stack with a different type of +2 evocation DC and Caster Augment. As it stands a ring with +2 Evo. DC doesn't stack with one of the longest items to grind for. Kind of silly if you ask me. The +3 Evo DC from Twilight should also stack with +2 items for a total of +5.

09-09-2012, 10:48 AM
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We don't really need to speed up the power creep in this game.

From Earth Savant TOD set:

Acid Spells gain +5% chance to Spell Critical Hit, Critical Damage Multiplier increased by 0.50. If Earth Savant III: Max Caster level on all Earth Savant spells increased by two.

Tinkers Finesse also adds True seeing, which allows you to not have to slot that elsewhere.

Also, I wouldn't complain about the commendation sets, since there really is no challenge to get them.

The point of the set bonus is not to have a super power when using those items in conjunction. It's to grant you some enhancements to consolidate them.

09-09-2012, 03:30 PM
Occult Slayer - PrE not in game

Ravager - PrE not in game

Spell Singer - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Virtuoso - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Warchanter - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

All the cleric sets - 1/3 PrEs are in the game, and do not give any specific bonus for it.

Purple Dragon Knight - PrE not in game

Henshin - PrE not in game

Ninja Spy - PrE but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Arcane Archer - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Deepwood Sniper - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Mechanic - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Thief Acrobat - PrE is in the game, but doesn't give any specific bonus for it.

Wild Mage - PrE is not in the game.

Why are there set bonuses tied to certain PrEs or classes and there's no additional benefit to them? Why can't an actual ranger who's AA get an added benefit for having the set? Because they never made it a real PrE. Deepwood Sniper doesn't gain any benefits from its set bonus. What about the cleric sets? They get a few extra turns, maybe an extra turning level or +2 to-hit that doesn't stack with other sources. Monk ninja spy set give a non-stacking +5 to sneak attack and 20% less threat. Acrobat set get a +15 jump and a % to cause -2 AC. Anybody can wear them and get their benefits.

It's nice that Turbine added ToD sets that gave additional benefits to specific PrEs, but Turbine didn't follow through and that left others kinda hangin there wondering if they're going to see their set bonuses completed, to which we know the likely answer is "No."

Woodsman Set is geared for rogues, sure it works alright for rangers too, but the set bonus it self doesn't really help rangers at all. Coming from a DRUID trader and not having a druid gear is rather irritating. My own druid can't get a beneficial set bonus until he gets 375 PDK favor. Barbarians can't benefit from the PDK set until they get 375 PDK favor and get the specific Demon Web Chitin Armor they want, or they have to use a feat to get it immediately.

It's cool that Turbine added set bonuses that are easy to get and has people want to leave their old gear for the new gear, but Turbine didn't fully think it through in my opinion.

The set bonuses don't all have to be stacking, they just need to give benefits to the classes/PrEs they're intended for that doesn't cause peoples' eyes to wander, look at other benefits and ask: "Why am I being short changed?"

09-10-2012, 12:36 AM
I was just putting those sets up there as an example. All of the set bonuses have something that can be goten in another item.

I'm just saying that with set items being a set item their bonuses should be unique not able to be gotten by a different item. Just seems like that would make some sense in a game for sets to be unique but what do I know

09-11-2012, 08:00 PM
I agree that many set bonuses are weak for the number of slots required, particularly since spellpower was introduced, but your solution is not a good idea. We don't need more stacking sources of bonuses to existing stats, that's how AC and to-hit got broken and led to the new silly AC mechanic. The way AC works now is slightly better, but it didn't fully solve the original problem (making each point of AC/to-hit matter), and now it's more complicated to deal with.

If item sets need something to make them special or worth the slots required, I would like to see them give interesting new abilities, but not stacking bonuses to existing overinflated stats.