View Full Version : Quest NPCs and Cooperation

09-07-2012, 08:04 PM
There is a notorious NPC in this game that actively undermines the party's success chances: Coyle. The quest fails if Coyle dies, so if Coyle never gained aggro and hid away from all monsters the quest would always succeed.

Recently new challenges were implemented; among them, the Sunset Ritual challenge. In it, an NPC wizard eventually becomes active and casts (among other spells) Cyclonic Blast. This spell annihilates all AoE effects, both party and enemy. There are no enemy AoE effects in this challenge, so the only purpose of the spell is to do piddling damage and annihilate party effects including but not limited to Otto's Sphere of Dancing, Web, Cloudkill, Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Acid Rain, and Blade Barrier.

I have no hope at all of these quests ever being changed. My suggestion is that no further NPCs ever be implemented that actively impinge upon the players' efforts. Consider again the Sunset Ritual: after the spell ward is active Arganon can die without effecting quest success. It would be more conducive to success if my character tore out his spine, ripped out his lungs, defecated in his aorta, and glared angrily in his general direction (which, as an arcane, would surely have negative consequences)... but my character cannot because of arbitrary mechanics that declare him as "friendly" when he is anything but.

I can't talk to him or otherwise reason with him, requesting he stop.

I can't blacklist him.

This is annoying.

Please don't do it any more.