View Full Version : Challenges and Chests

09-07-2012, 07:57 PM
-In the Cannith challenges, we get supply chests on certain events (boss kills). These chests never have renown. (This was acknowledged by a dev as an oversight.)
-In the Eveningstar challenges, we get traditional chests on completion linked to certain events (not necessarily boss kills). These chests can have renown, but are subject to ransack.

Challenges are content that is in general very very very forgiving of mass repetition. Ransack by design is very very very unforgiving of mass repetition. My suggestion is two-part...

1. Supply chests can grant renown, and all challenges generate supply chests.
2. All challenges grant traditional chests that are not subject to ransack.

In general, it's extremely frustrating to see one problem's solution be exactly identical to a new problem's creation. I feel that implementing either part of this suggestion would alleviate that frustration.