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09-07-2012, 10:54 AM
In this thread I am going to be suggesting a 6 item set bonus based loosely on aberrations and symbiotes and xoriat and eventually becoming an aberration when all of them are equipped
I will describe each item in a single post to make it slightly easier

The set bonus is going to be tiered for each item on starting at 2 items equiped
the bonus is going to be mostly for melees that want to try something different the reason I'm designing it for melees is because any super intelligent person wouldn't be stupid enough to attach a lot of living aberrations on to them.

Parasitic merging
You are slowing being corrupted by the living aberrations you wear
tier 1 - 2 items
-2 will save
+2 exceptional strength
10% chance to break out of any cc effects when you take damage

tier 2 - 3 items
The pieces of living armor on your body are starting to effect how you think

-4 to will saves
-2 cha
-2 int
+3 exception strength
stacking parasitic backlash
25% chance of breaking any cc effects on you when you take damage
dr/5 byeshk
Improved blood rage
Same as blood rage except you only suffer -50% attack speed for 6 seconds

tier 3 - 4 items
Your appearance is becoming horrid as you continue to slip in to madness
-6 will saves
-3 cha
-3 int
-2 wisdom
+4 exceptional strength
+2 exception dexterity
50% chance of breaking any cc on you when you take damage
improved blood rage
dr/7 byeshk
stacking parasitic backlash

freighting appearance
Your appearance is twisted and horrid
creatures that see you are shaken on a dc 30 will save
50% chance of breaking any cc on you when you take damage

tier 4 - 5 items
-8 will save
-4 cha
-4 int
-3 wisdom
stacking -2 con
+5 exceptional strength
+3 exceptional dex
dr/9 byeshk
65% chance of break cc effects when damaged
improved blood rage

fearsome appearance
foes that see you for the first time must succeed a dc 35 will save or be feared for 15 seconds shaken on a failed save

Over exertion
Your symbiotes are causing you to ignore your bodies natural limitations causing
you to deal an extra 1d6 on all attacks but take 1d3

Improved parasitic backlash
when your attacker rolls critical threat against you,
you take an extra 3d6 damage and your attacker must make a dc 30 will save or become cursed

tier 5 6 items
---you have slipped completely in to madness and are considered an aberration on top of your original creature type---
-10 willsave
-5 int
-5 cha
-4 wis
-4 con stacking
+6 exceptional strength
+4 exceptional dex
dr 12 byeshek
75% chance of breaking any cc when damaged
over exertion
improved parasitic backlash

greater blood rage
as blood rage except 3 seconds of being sated

gruesome appearance
enemies seeing you for the first time must make a dc 35 will save or
become held for 6 seconds and feared for 30 seconds
save negates held feared always

09-07-2012, 01:37 PM
This post contains the body slot equip for the set

Living beholder flesh outfit
ml 20+
counts as cloth armor
binds on equip
This disgusting piece of cloth appears to be enchanted beholder flesh, it has a single large eye in the cent of the chest and numerous eyes covering the rest of it. The eyes appear to follow you as you watch it.

+7 armor

Beholder eye guard
targets striking you in melee have a 20% chance to be effected by a cl 10 beholder eye spell

Anti magic guard
When ever you take damage 30% chance to subject the attacker to greater dispel cast at cl 15 and they must succeed on a dc 35 fort save or lose all casting abilities for 12seconds

true seeing
+20 search
+20 spot
overloaded vision
Automatically fail on spells that target your sight. (blind, hypnotic pattern, glitter dust, more?)

Parasitical merging set bonus

09-07-2012, 01:48 PM
Whispering helm

ml 20+?

This helmet appears to be made out of still living flesh of an aboleth as you touch it you hear whispers in your mind of all your faillings

-2 con
+6 wisdom
+6 int
-2 cha
under water action
-4 on all skill checks

Crushing despair guard
when you are struck in combat your attacker hears whispers of his failings flood is mind subjecting him to a cl 20 crushing despair

Infuriating voices
The voices in your head cause you to fall in to a rage when damaged in melee combat
chance to have rage cast on you cl 1

Over whelming mind
on a critical hit you wipe all memories of your self from the target causing them to target someone else

Parasitic merging

09-07-2012, 01:56 PM
Parasitic Thaarak skin boots

ml 20+?

These boots appear to be made of a thaaraks hide they quiver as you approach

Striding 30%
dr 5/ lawful
improved acid resist
Phantasmal killer guard
parasitic backlash
rough hide +5
-2 con
parasitic merging

09-07-2012, 01:58 PM
will do last three pieces later

09-07-2012, 04:19 PM
How about grafts? illithid grafts (for xoriat, but there's others) are untapped potential in ddo while symbionts have been touched already.
Besides symbionts are tipically limited to one and not quite as powerful as the eardweller makes us think.

I agree the xoriat madness items can use a new tier, the current ones are a bit "soft".
The set bonus can then give something akin to the pseudonatural template, e.g. if you have too many grafts you are no longer yourself ;)
(pseudonatural is fairly appropiate)

That said, extra-high exceptional bonuses seems too much, probably something burstable like madstone rage would be more in line with the madness theme.
As for the items, would switch aboleth for body due to the slimy skin, think that's even an actual graft.

The beholder will be good as shield, as if you are holding a head. It's also fair it takes one of your weapon slots.
(just like a medusa shield would be)

Gotta say beholder stalks are actual PnP items, if you gonna have a whole head it'd better be dangerous.
Maybe every so often, on proc, it'd awake and go crazy, shooting on everyone just like a beholder would do.

The necklace slot will be good for the illithid head tentacles, no it can't be the whole head.
The head gotta be a stitched head, don't think you can't beat that as far as grafts go.
It deserves the devs to work it'd take to make the two heads show.

The wrist would be a stitched arm of course, but that's never as impressive as the head.
Belt can be tails, boots talons and cloak wings, and yes, these ain't exclusive of a devilish thing, aberrations just look weird.

And don't forget there's more to grafts and symbionts (and necrosis blobs for undead grafts).
You can have whole internal organs stitched into you, giving more con and other perks.
But naturally there's no slots for that, maybe that kind of thing warrants a permanent change.