View Full Version : Store Item: BtC item changes

09-05-2012, 01:51 PM
The store has evolved over the last few years, adding many things, some convenience, so not so much.

We can now breakdown greensteel, dragonscales, etc...

I would like to see a mechanism to change Bound to Character (BtC) to Bound to Account (BtA) or bound to Character on Equip (BtCe) within an Account.

I'm not suggesting making the Sword of Shadows tradable, however I am suggesting allowing me (for a fee) to be able to move the Sword of Shadows from one character on my account to another character. I would pay for that convenience.

Is it game breaking? A few years ago I would say "Yes". But today...not so much. Not any more so than breaking down greensteel (buying yellow dopants) or buying +3 tomes of supreme ability.

Thanks Turbine,