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09-03-2012, 11:14 AM
Hello All,

First I'd like to thank anyone who contributes in a constructive way, you guys rock. A friend and I normally have a Monday night gaming night, our previous game was Tera Online. We chew through content rather quickly.

We are wondering what a strong duo pair to play to get to level 25 with probably the least frustration. We have been playing table top dnd for about 30 years between us, so we are familiar with many of the base and advanced concepts. What we aren't familiar with are things DDO specific (crafting? Greensteel?). We also do not have access to sugardaddy TR accounts, so we would be starting either from level 4 or 7 as VIPs. We are also willing to drop some cash on races/classes if it would make for a more enjoyable gaming session.

So basically the things I'm looking for advice on:

Good duoing pairs
Good adventure packs for said duoing pairs
Pointed in the direct of a(some) good guide(s) that would catch us up upon the differences between DDO and 3.5.

Thanks in advance!

09-03-2012, 01:03 PM
If you're VIPs, I think you get basically all the adventures except the expansion pack, so you're fine there. My practical advice would be: Nearly any pair of characters should be viable if you aren't in a super hurry, and playing things you like the feel of will serve you better than playing things that are marginally more efficient. Only thing I'd really suggest particularly strongly is to have some way to do locks and traps, makes life a lot easier.

Some kind of healing is nice, although you could always play warforged and have repair spells.

09-03-2012, 01:42 PM
I would sudgest someone that can do traps for fun and exp, and someone that can dps and heal.. I always wanted to duo with a WF fvs and a WF 18 wiz/2 rogue

09-03-2012, 01:53 PM
I would sudgest someone that can do traps for fun and exp, and someone that can dps and heal.. I always wanted to duo with a WF fvs and a WF 18 wiz/2 rogue

Doesn't even have to be Warforged. My son and duo drow Fvs (me) and Wizard. I went 19/1 FvS/fighter and he went 19/1 wizard/rogue. This combo has worked really really well with no frustration. I can heal us both, or he can heal himslef while in form and I have to only worry about myself. The fighter level was for free tower shield profeciency, access to all weapons, and a free feat. Obviously the rouge level was for traps...evasion is overated on this type of build....there has never been a situation, and we are both level 20's, where he wished he had evasion.

09-03-2012, 02:19 PM
I had my eye upon WF Art20 and WF Sorc/Wiz 20, any thoughts?

09-03-2012, 03:06 PM
I had my eye upon WF Art20 and WF Sorc/Wiz 20, any thoughts?

art and wiz go pretty well together. A little light on melee, but you have the puppy and you have a lot of flexibility. I like wiz a lot.

09-03-2012, 03:06 PM
If you have access, my husband and I duo'd most everything as an artificer and a paladin with a coupla hireling heals all the way to 25. Every now and then we needed to open up to a group for cc here or extra healing there, but rarely. It was a good combination, self healing dps with rogue things handled and dps and limited crowd control on the artie. (turrets and blade barriers to help a lot in crowds).

But I think there are a lot of good duo combos out there. That was just the one we had the most fun with, and were able to soak up all the bonuses and not pass up on any chests. :)

09-07-2012, 10:04 AM
I would sudgest someone that can do traps for fun and exp, and someone that can dps and heal.. I always wanted to duo with a WF fvs and a WF 18 wiz/2 rogue

My husband and I went that route, with UMD but no rogue splash. Of the 7 duos we have created, this one was the most versatile, durable, and fun. Some of the duos felt slightly less balanced, at least during certain level ranges. I know my Fvs was pretty depressed running alongside the barb for a good while. When she grew into her evocation spells, she promptly took her revenge by making him irrelevant for a few levels :P

For the most part we did not miss evasion or rogue skills given our quick, reliable healing and raising abilities, the FvS elemental resistance, and twitch skills. That said, trap XP is nice too, so I might consider revisiting this duo with an added splash. With the DR and now PRR, aura, etc. the Fvs could function as a makeshift tank, which has been handy (looking at you, Lailat!) and could be accomplished by a fleshy as well. I agree with RavenStormclaw in that the characters do not need to be WF, although it is nice for both halves of the duo to be able to not only heal themselves but also the other, in some form or another. Regardless of your respective skills, a party wipe can happen very quickly when there are only two of you.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you intend to pug together in the future, and how you would be perceived as a "package deal". For instance, 2 DoS paladins might be a blast but a party of strangers might not be very excited at the idea of having two of you. An LFM started with basic arcane and divine roles covered seems to attract players, particularly other blue bars, and fills quickly. The player base also seems to have gotten over the once prevalent "but we already have an arcane" or "need more DPS [read: melee]" mentality and readily accepts us. If functioning within a guild, you might also expect to be your guildmates' go-to persons any time help is needed...

I'm not entirely sure how the average party (or your server, for that matter) feels about artificers when one is already present. Are they still treated like bards, i.e., one piker is enough*?

* These do not reflect the opinion of the poster, but an aggregate of comments overheard while waiting for pug raid groups to fill. Said parties might not be worth joining anyway, but sometimes those are the only LFMs up.

09-07-2012, 10:18 AM
I spend a lot of time in DDO duoing with me as a barb and a guildmate as a sorc. I'm not saying it's the best possible combo, but I have the HP and crowd control to take some heat while he lays down serious damage. Having 1 arcane is very useful for buffs. We often grab a cleric hireling between us which works well for all but the toughest content.

Perhaps an ideal duo would be a monk/cleric multi-class (Clonk) for high survivability and warforged Sorcerer or human pale master. I've duo'd more or less every quest around, and think Amrath is the most fun for it's intensity. Vault of night 1-4 is also a lot of fun.

09-07-2012, 10:38 AM
You can duo 99% of the content in this game regardless of which classes and races you choose.

You can roll a couple of Barbarians and bring along cleric hirelings and you will be able to complete most of the content.

You can mix it and up try almost any combination and it will work.

09-07-2012, 10:51 AM
When I first started this game, I played duo with a friend exclusively. After a few false starts of great gimpitude, we settled on him playing a fighter-splashed cleric, and I playing a rogue. Basically he would get the aggro and self-heal, and I would skulk around the edges of fights and rip things apart while they weren't looking. And do all the traps. Mind you, this was before the Bravery Bonus and the run-everything-on-Elite mentality that arises from it, so the fact that those characters were good enough to duo everything on Normal at 1 level over probably doesn't say much about suitability for today's game.

We really missed the self-contained nature of that first party when we started playing different characters and making up for our lack of self-healing with hirelings... while you can level duo with hirelings, they're really stupid and you will wipe sometimes because one or both of them forget how to heal or something equally dumb. Also, none of them have Quicken or a decent Concentration score, apparently, so if you do go that route, keep aggro off the hireling because your life may well depend on it.

09-08-2012, 02:54 PM
What to play as a duo depends a lot on your playstyle - for a pair of people who like racing through a quest and killing quickly, a sorceror/barbarian duo (especially warforged) would seem like a great combo. For players who prefer to work through a quest methodically, sneaking along, disabling every trap, doing every optional and opening every secret/locked door, a rogue or artificer of some kind would be essential - a ranger/rogue and a wizard might work well in that case. For people who detest hirelings, having the ability (at least eventually, and preferably by 9th level or so when the beholders start showing up) to raise each other from the dead is a big plus.