View Full Version : Equipment ability combination bonuses

09-02-2012, 02:33 PM
I would rather do away with set bonuses and instead have combination bonuses. Say when we mix some equipment abilities with other equipment abilities suddenly those abilities take on combo abilities. Then we could mix a variety of items together as we pleased and lead to greater variety. As it stands being forced to use sets leads to stagnation of imagination in my opinion.

So maybe takeing 3 items to a stone with said abilities and putting them on the stone and activating it suddenly unleashes a combination ability. Pull the items back out of the stone and you have a new combo ability because of the abilities of those equipment you put in.

What say ye?

09-02-2012, 11:22 PM
Ok so one example might be fire water and wind and you get a steam component untyped added damage. Or maybe wind and dex and haste item and you get an alacrity bonus. Mixing spot with intelligence and a sneak attack item leads to a bonus of those 3 items that gives improved deception say.

Because some items might have at least 2 bonuses on them you mgiht get combination bonuses.

Um some more...

Strength + spot + atack bonuse = bonus to damage

fire burst + luck item + seeker item = explosive fire ball chance

wizard items bonuses to sp or maybe cheaper maximize and the list goes on.

Epic item types lead to epic combinations possibly.

It makes a lot of possibilities to spruce up the common everyday items.

Of course its a lot of possibilities so... a lot of work too but hey its something to do and intersting so... Just depends on the creativity on board.