View Full Version : A few suggestions for the druid class

08-26-2012, 08:00 PM
First, I love the druid class, don't get me wrong. It's one of the best ways to play a melee/caster hybrid. However, some things are very annoying.
First, a monk/splashed druid, or a druid with monk PL does weird damage

from another thread:

Yes,almost everthing works but the stacking mecanic is a little buggy...

I did some tests on live without monk lvls here the results:

Druid+tier 3 dance with flowers= 2.5(d10)
Druid+reinforced+DwF= 2.5(1d6)
Druid+DwF+Monk past life= 2.5(1d6)
Druid+DwF+monk past life+reinforced=3.0(1d6) w-t-f?

And yeah tod burst effects work in form.

looking at this, i get the feeling that taking monk pastlife or obtaining reinforced fists overwrites the druid form unarmed and changes it to a monk's 1d6, without any monk levels, taking monk levels does the same thing, but then your damage scales normally(for a monk). My ideal solution is to convert druid animal forms to d6.
keep the critical multipliers and ranges, but have the following:

wolf: 1d6
bear: 1.5d6
winter wolf: 1.5d6
dire bear: 2d6

This is a bit of a nerf to winterwolf, but it would allow our damage to scale properly

Next, fire and water elemental forms. Once again, I love the idea. However, a -3 penalty to caster level AND maximum caster level is a bit much. I don't understand the need for the maximum caster level penalty. In either water or fire elemental form, your call lightning bolt spell gets nerfed. One of your best damage spells, and it's neutered in both caster forms. If you want to keep the penalty, i'd remove the penalties to lightning and acid spells, or at least the maximum caster level penalties.