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08-23-2012, 04:20 PM
I thought I would post that I believe some of the store’s pricing to not be in tune with the marketplace. Granted, that has no factual backup to it, but when I see the pricing of certain convenience items, I say to myself “no way am I paying that price for that”. For reference, I have 3 VIP accounts in addition to purchasing around 40,000 points in the last two years, between all of the accounts. So, I don’t mind spending the money to support the game I enjoy. Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

- Character Bank Upgrade: 595 points. Too much, 300 TP is my highest price point. Yes, I know they last through TR.

- Experience and Guild Renown Elixirs: In general these are mildly useful, versus very useful items like rez cakes or True Hearts of wood. These prices are generally 2-3 times above what I would want to pay.

- Healing Pots: Since the pots are available in game, I see little reason to purchase these. However, the ability to purchase Silver Flame pots in the store would be a welcome addition. After all, blue bars have no favor requirement to fill their bar back up, why restrict Barbs to this requirement. If you do add these, please price them where you would get a continuing stream of income, not just for a player’s “oh crap” moments.

- Rest Shrine: 695 points. I have never understood why turbine priced this at this point. Rez cakes, I get, you’re restarting unless you eat one. Perhaps drop to a little bit higher than a rez cake. Since people are not at the forced decision point that a rez cake entails, the pricing needs to reflect this lack of time pressure on the buying decision.

- Guild Shrines: The better ones are way too expensive. It never even crosses my mind to buy +2 shrines for my ship, due to their weekly cost. It would need to be roughly ¼ the cost for me to even consider these as a regular purchase.

If any of you see any other prices you feel are not in step with the marketplace, please feel free to comment. For the “pay to win” whiners, post elsewhere please.

Items I would like to see added to the store:

- Silver flame pots or equivalent, priced where they are a reasonable ongoing purchase, not just for an “oh crap” moment. The hams just are too weak and too expensive for how many hit points melees have these days. As a pricing guideline, the major SP pot (250 TP for 10) cures around 500 sp. Given that any decent toaster can get about 300 hp out of 30 sp, this works out to 1 TP per 200 hit points of reconstruct healing [25 TP=500 sp, 30 sp = 300 hp]. Now, let’s assume that toasters use only 1/10th their sp on reconstructs, that is still 1 TP per 20 hp. So, you might say, that’s an inherent advantage of toasters. Good point, so let’s grant that arcane toasters should get double out of TP for healing that other classes do. That still leaves us at 1 TP per 10 hp. Hams currently are at almost 20 times that pricing point and work over time.

- True heart of wood with Gender Change/Name Change options. Nothing sucks worse than male helves and female horcs.

- Siberys Dragonshards for feat swapping that cover the plat cost also. Swapping feats more than once or twice at 20 can get pricey.

I make these comments in the spirit that I am hoping the store is attempting to maximize the price point of the natural supply-demand curve. It could be that I am a cheap b@$t%&* and everyone else is happy paying the prices above.