View Full Version : Arti Scrolls

08-22-2012, 04:59 PM
Right so arti scrolls need fixing. I have the umd to use them but for instance the elemental weapons buff dosent work on me unless i have someone else with umd in party to use it on me. Loads of rubbish. Now one can argue it wont work, but its no different then when one inscribes a scroll, meaning you target the scroll and you use inscribe. With that, you should be able to target the weapon you want to buff and use the scroll to buff it. Not so hard, coding is pretty much there, just needs some tweaking is all.

Next, conjure bolts, at my umd i have 85% chance to activate it and i just literally burned through 200 scrolls and failed once every 10 scrolls. However with those 200 scrolls of conjure bolts there are 0 bolts in my inventor from said scrolls.

Either something is bugged or the devs intended this, but i dont like it. I just blew away a bunch of plat for something that dosent even work, so my suggestion is, either fix this or change this (if this was the intended purpose of the scrolls) cuz its dumb, and i feel like i just wasted a bunch of plat on scrolls i cant even use with and poured umd into my skills for nothing.

also tested the reinforce and toughen construct scrolls on myself and it works, so what gives?