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08-15-2012, 01:27 PM
have a suggestion for a new guild renown decay system. As it stands it is a very straight forward formula for decay. I would like to suggest a change in the system. Before I do this we should first look at the current system.


Renown Decay

A guild’s level represent’s their current stature, and that stature is based on their renown.* If “renown” is your guild’s “fame,” then your guild is like a famous actor, but in more ways than one! With a successful actor, the level of their fame can decline if they’re removed from the public eye for an extended period of time. The same is true for a guild’s renown – it can fade if the guild is not keeping active around the city thwarting monsters and waging battles of glory. If a guild were able to rise to an impressively high level and then cease to be active, their renown would start to decay as the tales of their heroics faded into memory.

For the first part of a guild’s level progression, decay of a guild’s renown isn’t a concern, but as a guild’s level increases beyond a certain threshold, they start to face additional challenges progressing – and maintaining - their renown and guild level.* This mostly pertains to ambitious guilds that attain very high renown; we felt that this would create an exciting dynamic and foster some friendly competition! Who can rise to the top, and stay at the top, of the city’s list of famous guilds?
Guild levels below 26 do not decay. As a guild reaches the highest levels, the rate of decay will increase.

Current Guild renown decay formula
The formula for renown decay is a level-based multiplier times an account-based multiplier (LevelMultiplier * AccountMultiplier). The account-based multiplier is the Modified Guild Size + 10. The level-based multiplier can be looked up in the list below.
Note: Minimum Modified Guild Size is 10! Account-based multiplier is therefore ( Max(Modified Guild Size,10) + 10 )
Level Multiplier
26 2.197000
27 2.460375
28 2.744000
29 3.048625
30 3.375000
31 7.447750
32 8.192000
33 8.984250
34 9.826000
35 10.718750
36 17.496000
37 18.994875

Current Example:
Guild level:26, Member Count: 6
Renown lost = (LevelMultiplier * AccountMultiplier)
Renown lost = (2.197 * (max(6,10) + 10))
Renown lost = (2.197 * (10 + 10))
Renown lost = 43.94 [NOTE: rounding may apply]
The phrase “the level of their fame can decline if they’re removed from the public eye for an extended period of time”.
Suggestion 1
I would like to see the level current level of fame displayed on the Guild tab. I would think that these numbers should already in the system. It should be a matter of turning that numbers into a display. Those numbers should already be broken down into degrees of fame from the sound of it.
Suggestion 2
The renown decay should run on a 24 hour clock and be an average of the fame of the guild for that 24 hours. The fame lvl would be taken at a random time each hour so guilds could not plan to have fame lvl at certain times of each hour.
Suggestion 3 (This is an extension of suggestion 2)
Renown decay should be also leveled based on the average of fame and the guild level.
Guild lvl Fame lvl 1 Fame lvl 2 Fame lvl 3 Fame lvl 4 Fame lvl 5
26 2.1970 1.648 1.099 0.549 0.00
27 2.4604 1.845 1.230 0.615 0.00
28 2.7440 2.058 1.372 0.686 0.00
29 3.0486 2.286 1.524 0.762 0.00
30 3.3750 2.531 1.688 0.844 0.00
31 7.4478 5.586 3.724 1.862 0.00
32 8.1920 6.144 4.096 2.048 0.00
33 8.9843 6.738 4.492 2.246 0.00
34 9.8260 7.370 4.913 2.457 0.00


Current Example:
Guild level:35, Fame Level 3, Member Count: 100
Renown lost = (GuildLevelFameLevelMultiplier * AccountMultiplier)
Renown lost = (4.913 * (max(100,10) + 10))
Renown lost = (4.913 * (100 + 10))
Renown lost = 540.43 [NOTE: rounding may apply]
It would be difficult to maintain level 5 fame for 24 hours since you have already made it harder to gain renown the more renown a guild gets. I also feel if you make it harder to get the renown you should not take that much away the more renown we get.
“That said, there is only so much a guild can progress in one day (after all, there are only so many songs the tavern bards can sing about your trials before everyone’s heard the news). This means that after a certain amount of daily progress, you’ll have to work harder to produce more renown.”

Sorry the columes on some of the numbers did not post correct.