View Full Version : feedback on changes to guest passes, from an unhappy customer.

08-13-2012, 09:53 PM
Dear ddo store folks,

Im a frequent purchaser of guest passes, well I was until you changed the sales mechanic on them. I am premium, Ive bought all content and ive been here since the lvl cap was 10 - used to be subscription on the EU servers. When ddo went free to play I brought in a bunch of real life mates - some of whom are wealthy, most of whom are not. None of us are truly free to play, were all premium with a variety of purchasing habbits.

until recently it was common of me to buy guest passes for my freinds, If say we had an hour to play then id buy guest passes for an hour. - and not necessarily for just one person( a critical point in my argument)

The recent change in shorter duration guest pass availability is actualy turning casual people away from this game. I felt no objection to spending 50 pence on a guest pass for a freind, Conversely the fact that many of the people im talking about have had the chance to see certain content meant that when they had available cash they did infact purchase that content.

Bear in mind that it was common of me to buy multiple guest passes - but generaly shorter duration ones, The cost of buying guest passes now is simply too much for me to continue this policy meaning that when grouping with these freinds I will essentialy be limited to playing free to play content or content that we have all purchased.

Over all I will say this, the change is not going to encourage me or my frineds to buy more content which is im sure what you want, what it will do is stop me from buying guest passes, and stop my freinds from buying content untill several of them can afford it at the same time.

We are not single entities, couples and families play this game. Guest passes were a very good way to accomodate this behaviour and you have essentily priced your self out on this now by only selling the longest duration passes.