View Full Version : A suggestion to make the Guild system a little more new-player-friendly

08-10-2012, 10:47 PM
One of the inherent problems with the current guild system is that it's very unfriendly towards casual and new players. Any guild of reasonable level (50+) learns that new and casual players who come and go without staying long penalizes the efforts of their current membership, so their leadership starts to screen new applicants pretty heavily. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it tends to be daunting to new players.

My proposals are these:

1. Change the time from when a player goes idle from 1 month (?!) to 2 weeks, or even 1 week. This should lessen the hit somewhat to guilds from players who get really hot on the game for a couple of weeks and then abandon it, or get stuck with real life stuff for a month or more at a time. (A real problem for us, and most other guilds I would assume.)

2. Implement a "trial invitation" system, where you can give a player a trial invitation for two weeks. During this two week period, the new applicant earns half the normal amount of renown for the guild, but doesn't count towards guild size or decay. At any point in the two weeks, an officer can either make him a full member or kick him - at which point the guild loses 100% of the renown that the applicant earned, but takes no hits in terms of guild size or decay. (If you don't lose 100% of the renown, it could potentially be abused.)

3. When a player goes idle and comes back, give them the option to "stay idle" - and earn no renown for the guild, but not count towards decay either - or come back to full active status. This should allow folks who want to "just come back and say hi" the chance to do without majorly impacting the guild's renown. (This was a major issue for us in the past, and still continues to be so.)

08-11-2012, 01:50 AM
I strongly prefer scrapping renown decay entirely because it is horribly anti-social and completely unnecessary. But any reduction in decay is a step in the right direction so I support your suggestion.