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08-10-2012, 11:38 AM
This may have been covered elsewhere, but I wanted to weigh in on the NNTHACO system and it's cruel Mithral nerf.

Mithral is should be the ideal stuff from which to make armor, but it sure sucks for PRR.

For example tier 2 lvl 12 cavalry plate (steel) vs. tier 2 lvl 16 cavalry plate (mithral) on a typical unbuffed lvl 16 staltwart Ftr

lvl 12 lvl 16
Hardness 18 166
Durability 25 218
Armor bonus 16 21
Armor bonus w/Dex 18 24
Max Dodge Chance 2% 3%
Total AC (sample) 47 54
PRR (sample) 67 60

In this case, the lvl 16 gear is clearly better, but it is not "STRICTLY" better. While Mithral is suppossed to be as hard as steel (in this case it's even more hard 25:18) it does not soak up as much of the beating via PRR as the lowly steel version.

Admittedly, a better comparison would be based on +x full plate vs +x Mith Full plate... but I don't have such stuff.

In such a case steel heavy armor may be better for a lot of toons than the mithral version... which is not how it should be IMO.

edit--fail on my attempt to make a table... obv

08-10-2012, 01:05 PM
edit--fail on my attempt to make a table... obv

LMAO. That had me looking cross eyed.

But I tend to agree. The Mithril is nothing special.. and it should be in this Genre