View Full Version : Devs - Druegar War Axe - Will this be fixed soon?

08-08-2012, 03:44 PM
In case you were curious the spelling for the weapon is off, and so is the item description ... Duregar should be spelled Duergar.

Further the description says the item was crafted by the Drow...I dont think Drow craft Duergar weapons.

Lastly as you will see in my video the animation for the weapon is all messed up, despite the fact that it is a one handed weapon and equips as such it wields only as a two handed weapon, and while I still recieve the shield for purposes of AC i believe I am loosing my Improved Shield mastery bonus for physical resistance as well....

These are fantastic weapons, and I would like to be able to duel wield them, or properly sword and board.