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08-03-2012, 07:06 PM
What is a viable to-hit at end game with MoTU?

08-03-2012, 07:39 PM
Grazing blows made to-hit slightly less important, but from what I've noticed 40+ seems to do fine.

08-03-2012, 08:09 PM
My level 22 first life pure wizard can hit easily wielding the Epic Staff of Insight

08-03-2012, 08:28 PM
As far as to hit goes, I dare say dont worry about it.
A pure wizard self buffed doesnt have much trouble hitting stuff.
A class thats actually meant to melee definately need not worry.
Gh, flanking, weapon bonus.......unless you are unbuffed, non proficient, alone and have penalties, its hard to miss often.

To be more specific, at level every character has a 50% chance to hit anything +15% with a proficient weapon base as of the new combat system, thats before other modifiers. You have to work hard to miss more than half the time.

08-04-2012, 12:16 AM
Epic Hard and lower: Weapon proficiency is the main thing. 40 To-Hit and a proficient weapon should hit most things on a 2, with some exceptions where you might need a 5 or 6 to hit specific mobs.

Epic Elite: Just treat To-Hit as roughly equal to +damage in value. You won't hit most bosses on a 2, but getting up a '5% bracket' can take 8-10 points of To-Hit. For instance, the PDK set's "+3 To-Hit and +3 Melee Damage" should be evaluated as worth about +6 damage.

08-04-2012, 01:23 AM
I can't help but feel for a hit on a 2 you want more then 40. I've been running with my monk quite a bit in
all kinds of epic hards solo. His to-hit is 43 with gh and I see a decent amount of grazes on the first attack.
A lot of that is mitigated to a large amount in a party due to sneak attack bonuses, flanking and the occasional
external buffs but I tend to think to hit on a 2 you need to go a bit higher.

Don't forget the to-hit needed to hit an AC 40 mob on a 2 is now 46. And from what I can see there's a number
of low 40's ac trash out there.

On a related note. This made me think about how ac reducing effects now work.

So when is it more efficient to lower a mobs AC by 1 instead of improving your to-hit by 1?

Let a be your attack bonus and b the mobs AC. Then the formula for your chance to hit is now

(a+10.5)/(2b)+.25= chance to hit.

Now gaining an extra 1 to the attack bonus is easy

(a+1+10.5)/(2b)+.25= new chance to hit
(new chance to hit)-(old chance to hit)=1/(2b)
Nothing new here every extra to hit translates to 1/(2b) extra chance to hit so for a 40 ac mob 1.25%

On the other hand let's look at what happens if we lower the monsters AC by one.

(a+10.5)/(2(b-1))+.25 =new chance to hit

(a+10.5)/2(b-1)-(a+10.5)/2b= (2b(a+10.5)-2(b-2)(a+10.5))/2b(2b-2)=

(a+10.5)(2b(b-1)) extra chance to hit.

Now we are asking for what values of a and b is it better to increase to-hit instead of decrease AC.

That would be when 1/(2b)>(a+10.5)/(2b(b-1))

0>(a+10.5)/(2b(b-1)-1/(2b) or 0>(a+10.5-(b-1))/(2b(b-1)) assuming AC is greater then 1

0>(a-b+11.5) or b>a+11.5

So it's better to increase your to-hit instead of reducing a mobs AC when the mob's AC is greater then your
to-hit +11.5

Now there are some issues with this strategy depending on how much you are reducing the mobs AC by
since we usually decrease the mobs AC by at least 4 (stacked destruction). If someone is interested in those
numbers it is better to increase you to-hit by 4 instead of lowering the mobs AC by 4 if


Just a couple numbers,

08-04-2012, 01:41 AM
Thanks guys appreciate the help and answers :)

08-04-2012, 11:20 PM
Epic hard Fathom the deeps.

(Combat): You attack Drowned. You roll a 2 (+56): you grazing hit!

Monsters have way more AC then we suspect. This just one of a number of similar ones I'm getting against
mobs in epic hards.

Hitting on a 2 is even harder then it used to be and it was NEVER a given no matter how much people
claim every build they made did it.