View Full Version : Tentative suggestion: more storage? more items to stack? bolts/arrows?

07-22-2012, 10:18 AM
Ok... kudos... we got more storage from tabs you can buy in the store... awesome. Er... not enough. And I know that the devs must know this if they play too. But here are some more points again.

But um... challenges... I really really do want to keep all this awesome kobold butter, and pink blurry things that I think invis kobolds, and skeleton keys,... and... and... but how come a lot of them don't stack? And I'm up to like 10 of them sitting on my FvS who I do challenges on. Maybe I'm just lucky to have them but that's bye bye 10 inv slots.

Special things you give us: cake, tokens, birthday party invites, turn in tickets which I seem to get multiples of which when turned in give me wonderful potions that take up 3 slots and I might use eventually... one day... Do I throw these out when I've just found an awesome piece of raid loot that BTC? More and more loot to sort through now up to level 25 - AND I might just TR again...

Arrows and bolts that stack to 100. I need what? ~2000 an hour? Quivers are not really usable from what I can work out as I can't specify what I get out and I *have* to put in 3 different types. This is very messy and just total bye bye inventory slots.

So we've pestered our dear over-worked devs on bag storage and sorting... but please tack onto that concept just inventory space again...

Edit: oh and CC req forms and compasses too... things that you keep for one time a year... and iceskates... and and and... so much stuff...

07-22-2012, 04:21 PM
Stop hording common drop pots, (resist and all that jazz)
Never had an issue with inventory space, if your running out of inventory/bank space its time to clean house

This game already provides enough means and resources to give you all the room you need, if you really want to see an improvement a scroll bag would be nice. But as it stands on my tr, i have like 4-5 crafting bags, 2 collectables bags, 1 tap bag, and 2 gem bags. All for free at that

I think quivers should work like any equipment on your hot bar however, and then they would be better, but rather than complain about space just buy the quiver and go into you inventory to equip it, if you buy a variety of arrows along with the loot arrows you will hardly need to switch around quivers. I've never had that issue on my ranger.

If you want more control over you quiver dont push that "auto gather" button and then assign each quiver specific arrow types, one for base arrows (no added dmg) on for fire, electric, acid, ect. i would rather take up 5-8 spots that i will probably never really need to use for quivers. But for now that is the only feasible way to make a quiver work. Is it work in it self? yes but thats the draw back of playing a ranged toon, and also i dont think there is a real work around the quiver for organization the devs can do without breaking them.

another fix to your inventory solution is, go through your inventory and sort stuff from ****, to stuff you will use, to snon super rare **** you can find again when you tr into something else. (if its a bloodstone you dont want to loose i can understand, but if its something that can be obtained with the min amount of farming then just sell it and make the cash)

07-24-2012, 12:59 AM
Um yeah. Glad you don't seem to have this issue. Maybe I've been playing for longer than you or something or got more TRs. Although I can see it being an issue for newer players too trying to get enough items both to level with and to get their plat economy going. More and more inventory slots are being used ineffectively or taken up with trash that if even for a short time you can't throw away.

Also add: additional caster sticks due to sp changes, poison/disease pots that are now required for the first time, more BTC loot with levels 20-25

07-24-2012, 08:59 AM
I agree. This game needs more inventory options to place all the things you have collected in years of playing the game. I am sure it is more costly for Turbine when people have 5 characters per account of storage toons. Why not make items that dont currently stack, stack in a future update to save precious space. We can all benefit from the DDO store inventory options, but that is something that is currently limited right now. I would love to see more of this on the DDO store. Items that can store scrolls, potions, etc. This will help new players enjoy the game more without having to concentrate on what they are going to throw away next in order to pick up that fresh new loot from a chest. In addition, the new Pet Companion system can introduce a back pack feature in which a pet can be used to carry an extra back pack for you. It can be sold as an add on in the pet trick and a back pack annimation would be added to the equipped pet. Alternatively, you can create a pet that specifically carries items for you. Wouldn't it be cool have your own Kobold that carries extra backpacks for you during quests? I know I would buy that in a heartbeat!

07-24-2012, 09:11 AM
I have 13 toons on my main account, I play 4 of them.. I have a second account with one toon as well... Storage is a big issue for me, I hate trashing a named item that I don't have in my collection, I hate trashing lowish level gear and clean stat items for when I TR one of my 4 main toons...

And the way the game keeps being changed you never know what will be useful later thatis not so useful now..