View Full Version : Perhaps an easy solution, to fix w/f healers friend.

07-22-2012, 04:35 AM
Just throwing some numbers out here since a dev (Feather_of_Sun) has now realised that w/f healers friend is currently multiplicative rather than additive like it used to be.

You're right. =)
I didn't do any math on it, instead I just made a quick assumption, which was wrong. You're indeed right, and multiplicative stacking Healer's Friend will never catch up with the base increase.
And now, in my shame, I'll stop wasting my time on the forums and get back to fixing bugs!

Before this bug arose we were used to our base healing amp increasing from

50% to: 65%, then 70%, then 75% depending on how many tiers we had.

Currently with this bug on live, we're getting

50% to: 57.5% then 60% then 62.5% depending on how many tiers we have.

I'm proposing an easy fix, of keeping the multiplicative values, but tweaking the background numbers to reach the values we used to get.

Since it seems like currently each tier is calculated like this

healers friend tier 1 : .05 * 1.15 = 57.5
i propose changing it to tier 1 : 0.5 * 1.3 = 65%

Tier 2 currently : 0.5 * 1.2 = 60%
i propose changing it to tier 2 : 0.5 * 1.4 = 70%

Tier 3 currently : 0.5 * 1.25 = 62.5%
i propose changing it to tier 2 : 0.5 * 1.5 = 75%

In summary, multiplicative can work exactly as what we were used to, the tooltip doesn't even need to be changed. Simply the multiplier you're currently using in the background needs to be increased somewhat.

07-22-2012, 05:59 AM
dear fTdOmen,

neat that a dev acknowledged the problem, that's a start.

and your suggestion sounds like a good start to me, too.
now, i made it through maths classes somehow (and i wish some RL agonyaunt would have made it easier for me) but have absolutely no clue about coding. so i don't know if the neat simplicity of the calculations are just as easily changed in the game.
if they are that easy to do, it would be a good work-around the problem until they fix it properly.
so: /signed, bump
yours, agony...