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07-18-2012, 01:11 PM
Would some on please explain to me why divine power STR. stat does not stack.

It is a total different enhancement than wearing a fixed set of gloves, come on it comes from a deity and you are say they are not strong enough to over come some item created from a mortal.

There are many examples in the game that will add STR. above that of a +6 time, titans cloves for example the +6 from that item stacks with all other STR. except the same, alchemist also adds above and beyond.

So what can't a divine spell at least add a stack able +2 or +4 to STR., it is only a self buff and as we all know STR. is not the forte of a Cleric, but will assist for those that are fighter clerics.

Even fighters can use an enhancement to increase STR by +8 to 10 for short periods of time. It is not like clerics are not paying for the buff it cost sp and if you extend it is not a cheep spell to maintain.

So come on show some love for a cleric make the divine power STR. stack able does not need to be +6 give it a +3 or +4 but make it stackable

07-18-2012, 04:13 PM
I think it's more of a holdover from Pen and Paper D&D, where +6 strength items would tend to be far less common.

The best part of Divine Power as far as DDO is concerned is the BAB increase, which now increases to-hit, attack speed (possibly), Shield Blocking DR, and PRR from armour.

Although, I don't think turning it into a +2 Sacred bonus to Str would be out of line.

Even if min-maxers would complain about having ANOTHER clicky to fire off before combat.