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07-16-2012, 02:33 PM
Thinking of using that freebie LR to make some changes on one of my monks. Currently str based halfling, dark monk (34pter). But with pre-reqs needed for higher base wisdom was thinking of switching to wis based. Anyway, this is what I am thinking now:

34 pt halfing

Str: 15 (+3 tome, +7 item, +3 exceptional) 28
Dex: 15 (+3 tome, +7 item, +2 alchemical, +1 enhancement, -2 stance) 26
Con: 15 (+4 tome, +6 item, +1 exceptional, +4 stance) 30
Int: 8
Wis: 15 (+6 level ups, +3 tome, +6 item, +3 exceptional, +1-3 enc, +2 cap) 36-38
Cha: 8

My first opinion is that Str seems really low. Six points lower then current version to be exact. So I'm wondering is Vorp Fists that good to respec like this, or would it be better to stay Str based and get take something else?

Secondly, trying to map out feats. Looking over other threads I think I have it narrowed down to two choices:

-Stun Fist
-TWF x3
-IC: Blud
-PL: Monk
-Imp Martial Arts
-Vorp Fists or ?

And either:

-Spring Attack


-Imp Sunder

Gear is in a state of flux but currently:

Head: Smoke2 HP item
Neck: Shintao
Trinket: Bloodstone
Cloak: Cape of Roc (resist 4 slotted)
Belt: EMroranon (GFL slotted)
Gloves: ESpectrals
Ring: Shintao
Ring: Chattering
Boots: Madstone
Bracers: EJidz
Chest: Reddragon (+1excep con, good luck slotted)
Goggles: Tharnes/ETime Sensing

Any thoughts/opinions are welcome.