View Full Version : Ebberon Raids

07-13-2012, 08:55 AM
I like to see an overhaul of all the current raids in ebberon.

A thorough gear pass Check (level req, power of items, availability/drop rate, difficulty in obtaining)
Mechanic Check - (Make sure its all working properly. no random doors closing locking people, bosses bugging etc.)
Difficulty Check - Is the drop rate/damage done /resource cost appropriate.
Ease of Access/Completion - (Are the quests re-doable without wasted time, re-flag issues. rewards are all obtained and not in a different area to exit portal.)

Complete Rehash of Older Raids brought in line with current standards.
(every raid should be doable by high and low levels with varied powered reward/challenge.)

DDO is unique it has some fantastic raids, lets make them last and instigate a full update to this asap.
Lets give people a reason to do the older fun raids.

Side Note: token system could be implemented for rewards with varied loot and power.
Side Note: give new life to proved and tested working content and saves turbine money on art etc.