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07-13-2012, 03:02 AM
Okay, so the sovereign runes should be the most powerful of all the runes you can put on your DT armor, but are among the lease appealing of all of them.

This is especially true with some of the awful 3rd tier bonuses for Glacial Assault (a boost from 72 to 78 cold potency) and Tharnes (featherfalling...the same thing you can stick on eldritch slot).

Epic equipment all got a pass a while ago and much of it was brought better in line with things people might want (the eAntique Greataxe is a good example of something that went from stinky to great). Please do the same with the sovereign runes. This stuff should be the end-game armor for us (levels 16-19). Especially with some of the new pre/suffixes that have been rolled out, it would be great to see these things get some love.

1) let us slot lower tier runes in higher-tier slots. If I want to consolidate featherfalling, deathward, and resistance+5 on my armor, please let me.

2) Increase the bonuses from the Vod/hox sets. For example, give the third tier of glacial assault superior ice lore and crushing tide guard or some such. Give the third tier of Tharnes a stacking +3/5 sneak attack as well as featherfall. Make it so that people will want to put together multiple-run groups of SOS.

3) Consolidate some of the runes. There are 33 types of sovereign runes, some of which are just good/better versions of themselves (glaciation and improved glaciation, for example).

We are all well aware of the power-creep in the game. DT was supposed to be the armor counterpart to shroud crafting. Shroud crafting continues to be useful well into end-game content, but DT crafting has been in need of some love for a while now.

Devs, if this is something you're just never going to take a look at again, please let us know. If, on the other hand, this is something in the pipes but not for a while, let us know that, too.

Happy hunting



07-13-2012, 04:35 AM
I think the Lorriks and Glacial Assault sets were forgotten by the devs when they changed everything to spellpower. It's certainly very underwhelming for a 3 piece set, and I don't think it's intentional that the 3rd piece only gives 6 spell power to one type. Hopefully it will get looked over and adjusted accordingly.