View Full Version : Magister => Nullmagic Strike

07-10-2012, 04:33 PM
there is a flaw in the implementation of Nullmagic Strike with regards to the Nullmagic Aura counter.

Nullmagic Strike will only increment the Nullmagic Aura counter if it is able to successfully prevent the mob from casting spells (regardless of if they have the ability to cast spells or not).

What this means is that Nullmagic Strike will never count when fighting a Red-or-Purple named. This means that Nullmagic Strike can only increment the counter when fighting trash.

Ignoring any concerns about how difficult Nullmagic Aura may or may not be to stack, or duration, or any other concerns, this prevents this ability from being used in anything other than trivial encounters.

Currently, Nullmagic Guard has the correct procedure: the counter increments when it procs, regardless of who (or if) it hits. Please change Nullmagic Strike to increment on proc.