View Full Version : Clickies and Spell Timers

07-06-2012, 12:15 PM
First off, the change to most spells (including clickies) have 5 minute minimum timers was awesome! Loved it at low level -- made it easier to NOT choose Extend Spell feat and not have to juggle clickies so much as a trade-off.

I think its about time for a few other tweaks, though:
* Spell Power clickies (like Inferno, Nihil, etc) should be 5 minutes long as well.
* All of the "short" buffs like Haste, Divine Power, etc. should have the same time formula as Rage.
* I would like to see Rage cap at 10 mins at lvl 20 (Extended), and adjusted proportionately throughout. And if this were done, bump timers on previous bullet point to match. They COULD continue to increase past lvl 20, but even capping at 10 mins would be awesome.

Reasoning behind this is we have enough timers on buffs to keep track of. Short-duration timers are more of an annoyance and inconvenience than any kind of balancing effect. Things like eardweller obviously should retain low-duration, but the rest? No REAL reason to keep them so low. I am not asking for them to match normal buffs, so lets not start the carried-away nonsense responses. I think 10 mins (extended) at 20 (and proportionate changes down the line -- in other words, 30 secs extended/15 secs not-extended per lvl) is a reasonable amount of time all around. Its also alot easier to calculate. Even matching Rage's current time would be a great improvement. I think its just silly that Rage and Haste (which really go hand in hand) have different timers. And if you equalize those, may as well do the rest as well. And 3 mins on a sPOW item is just too short, especially when they are limited to 3 charges per item, requiring multiples to be carried. I would rather see longer timers than more clickies per item BTW.