View Full Version : ok so you have the guild ship ddo points close now

07-06-2012, 03:47 AM
so.. it takes ahile to do the math on how much of what to buy each ddo coupon. took me awhile to figurew out how to get the most out of it. i would say the next times it happens doing the 1800 code 10 times is about right for just being able to pick the stuff you want but not having to worry about the cost so much. im sure some sales people know the perfect numbers not to add up easy. i semi got half of my ship buffs back with my 5 coupons this time. so its getting closer. would be allot beter if you stopped doing it tho.

i am sick of paying 35k plat to get out large guild chest back.. thats something the DDO store cant do... this time not gona put more then 1 at a time.. i have no faith in you right now but i use the chest allot

being able to get a +3 xp srine makes up for the lost 35k per on the large guild ships.. just trying to write down how i feel about the debacle