View Full Version : PRE's and Persistant Sounds!

07-02-2012, 12:18 PM
OK, so I understand the "Immersion" side of gaming, I like many of the variosu sound effects I hear while playing DDO, but.... There are a few VERY persistant sounds that are a bit much. One of the VERY constant sounds is when a Pale master is near, it's arcane skellie aura sound, and the other is the "thumping" from the FvS Angel of Vengence PRE, anytime a mob moves in or out of your aura effect "Thump thump thump", it's constant and if there's LOTS fo mobs it's insanely annoying. On the one side it'suseful, since it makes you aware of mobs you can't see, and also mobs that will spawn in your area for various reasons. But man it's constant while in battle and VERY annyoing, at least to me...

I would much prefer to have the sounds effects turned on, but man is there any way we can deal with these 2 sounds in particular... I REALLY hate Pale Masters being,and playing my FvS's is painful to say the least.