View Full Version : Give bows a close-range melee attack.

06-25-2012, 06:50 AM
We have shields that can be used to make a melee attack with shield-bash, so how about giving bows a melee option when monsters are within melee range?

You can even give them the melee properties of one-handed weapons to avoid glancing blows if you're worried about making them overpowered, but please give more options for people who just don't want to put their bow away.

Also, that way they can also be used to whack things when you're out of arrows for the 1% of Archers who aren't Arcane (as Deepwood Sniper is so pathetic at the moment).

Naturally if you have Manyshot or 10,000 Stars active when a monster is in melee range, your multiple arrow attack should overwrite a melee attack, so your multiple arrows aren't wasted.