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06-22-2012, 11:10 AM
Dear Dev's and Forum surfers,

I have a couple of suggestions to improve Sword and Board and something that is missing from crafting.

First, we all know that S&B is inferior to twf and thf. To improve this, I suggest treating shields as both a defensive and offensive item. Allow shields to work with the improve critical: blunt feat and tie the shield damage to the twf feats with a penalty of -10 to -20 % for off-hand attacks. Since shield damage is significantly inferior to having a high damage or high critical weapon in the off-hand, the penalty is to signify its dual purpose as an offensive and defensive item. This would not be over-powered and allow the classic sword and board character to do something other than be an intim-tank. Or have three feats to increase shield bash(ie. shield bash, improved shield bash, greater shield bash feats).

Second, there is something missing in crafting, rogues and artificers get trapmaking, and any one with enough time can create a crafter for cannith crafing. The thing that is missing is brew potions. Casters are usually more strapped for cash then melee's and some specialists at all levels due to the resources need to be effective. Allowing caster to brew potions would allow them to suppliment their income at all levels.

Can you imagine an empowered cure serious potion or an extended haste or rage potion? I think this would help melees also cause until you get enough favor to get for silver flame pots you drink cure serious potions like a dwarf does mead on Moridans birthday. Since cure serious potions only heal for about 20+ hit points without healing amp, an empowered and maximized serious potion would cover the gap between 20+ and 100+ that lesser silver flame pots give.

You could use the trap crafting devices as the location allow the casters to sell potions at the auction house. To craft these potions you would need a crude vial, a colectible from house J(healing/divine potions) or house P(arcane potions), the spell with metamagics applied(cast on device), and a small amount of essences(divine for divine pots and arcane for arcane pots).

The brew potion would be a granted feat and have a maximium of third level spells for casters and specialists. Clerics and Wizards would get the feat for free at first level with a maximum spell lvl of level 3 spells. Favored Souls and Sorcerers would get the feat at third level and specialists at level 5.

Those are my suggestions. I know the Dev's may never read these ideas cause they are currently getting MoTU ready. I personally think this will help the gaming experience for all. What do you think?

06-22-2012, 02:54 PM
S&B is only inferior in terms of DPS, but shields with the shield mastery feats (and the new AC pass) does provide defensive benefits to the S&B user. It should be that you have to decide if you want more offense or defense. Having said that, I would love to see some additional special attacks be available for a S&B user. For example, your shield bash could provide a chance to knock an opponent down.

However I don't think requiring more feats is the right solution. The issue is that only Fighters could afford this as they have feats to burn. Paladin tanks for example are very feat starved so requiring more feats to be a good S&B user is not a good idea.

06-24-2012, 11:08 AM
To the Brew Potions suggestion:

This seems like a really good idea to me.