View Full Version : Reincarnation and Druids (Yes, I know, but..)

06-20-2012, 09:08 AM
First off, I know reincarnate doesn't work with druids. It isn't supposed to work with druids. Being that it's a test server, though, I figured i'd do it anyway and just see what happens - how Turbine/DDO handles someone trying it anyway.

So I had a level 4 druid I didn't care much about, and hey - turbine points are free, right? - so I brought him a +1 heart and lesser reincarnated him. Hey, it worked! (Sort of. Read on.)

I logged out, pressed the reincarnate button, and was brought to the character creation screen as expected. I picked druid, went through the motions to the end, and hit create.

I was dropped on the Korthos island starter quest. I didn't have any extra experience; it was reset to zero, and I lost all of 3 extra levels. (I was heartbroken. They represented several minutes worth of mild effort on my part!)

Well, nuts to doing that all over again, so I told Jeets that i'd rather skip all the hubbub (bub) and to teleport me out of there!

It didn't work. And I can't talk to him now, because it gives me the error (Teleport Lock Enforced!) and does nothing, ever, even after waiting quite a long time.

I walked up the hill, our favorite friendly warforged told me to talk to Cellimas to get out of here. Score! I did so, talked to her, and told me to get me out of here.

That didn't work either. Same Teleport Lock Enforced! error popped up.

So my little baby druid - again, this is not a complaint, I rather expected some things to crop up that's why I did this on the test server with a character I didn't care if they got messed up - is now stuck on the Training Island. I can't even go into the cave to proceed as normal because I can't GET the intro quest. (I can't even TALK to Jeets because it just gives me that error; talking to Cellimas lets me ask her to leave, THEN gives me the error.)

So, to recap:

1. Don't even let someone who is reincarnating select druid as a class on that screen. This will save some heartache for people (until you let them TR into druids) and some headache for you (Turbine). The game lets you go through the motions and does not prevent you from doing something that it shouldn't allow you to do, causing some shenanigans in the process.

2. I don't know if it's druid-related, but skipping the Korthos island training quest is either bugged entirely, or bugged for druids (or bugged for reincarnating druids.)

3. I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

Thought i'd stop in and drop that one by, if there's time to fix it. =)