View Full Version : New reincarnation bug

06-19-2012, 08:36 AM
Instead of being shanghaïed on the heart of wind... you can be shanghaïed on the shipwreck shore.

This morning i used a lesser heart on my lvl 25 druid to test a melee variant and upon relogging after stats/skills allocation i found myself on the shipwreck shore where all newbies go... with the quest already completed in my log, and '(error) Teleport lock enforced' everytime i use the dialog options that should send me straight to korthos. (no other dialog options than doing the newbie quest or skip it and be sent to korthos)

With the quest being already completed and no possibility to reset it (one time only quest)... i'm simply stuck on the shore forever. Submitted a ticket with no help.

I actually managed to kill myself with falling damage (pretty hard with city regen) but releasing doesn't do anything except the white anim at my feet : i'm still dead on the shore with not even a soulstone behind me. Relogging in that state revives me where i logged off.

Pic of it, after having spammed the Release button a few times.


06-19-2012, 01:14 PM
Druid reincarnate was not turned on. That you ended in a bad state is, well, bad, we are sanity checking it right now.