View Full Version : Druid and other stuff, second look

06-17-2012, 10:31 PM

I was checking out more stuff with the current beta

Monster Manual is down :-( oh well

The new armor types...Battle Fey ect.. come in leather as well.
Crafters and druids rejoyce

Note: After some experimenting with a druid with 1 lvl arty splash
Great Crossbows fire faster than they had been...but not faster than
a standard xbow...this makes them more useable. The old versions
were so slow as to make the weapon gimp...good fix if intended.

Druids need release charm feat...FYI

We can use some more info on the Druidic oath
Yes, you can't change into animal form or throw druid spells if you break it.
What we need to know is does it effect druid enhancements ? all of them ?
some of them ? or none of them ?

Mithral and darkleaf are not dropping on Lam - known
Your not going to remove them from live ? yes - no ?

minor bug - when you lvl you need to release your druid pet then recall them to show new hp and
to use new training points

Major Concern - arty can make weapon modules for thier pets easily, they get trap parts
druids don't...SO...are you going to change the crafting rules so that weapon modules can be striped
and then re-enchanted just like other weapons?

- suggestion for the store, enchanted ammo quiver
works like a regular quiver except for arty and AA summoned ammo

- suggestion Add cometic armor kitts to the possible rare loot drop table :-)
not like it would unbalance anything...bind on pickup, of course

- Hirelings and pets should not willingly run into a functioning trap when set for defence
unless the owner calls then to follow him/her...my opinion
If they must attack, have them use thier default range attack rather than stand in a hireling
grinding trap

time to make dinner, that is all this time.

oh FYI sir Poincelot is giving out ZERO points
til he gets fixed can you set the store for 90% off everything ?