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06-16-2012, 11:02 AM
Posted this elsewhere, but thought it might be better here instead.

Arti Pet Change?
I'm sure that I read this on one of the posts, but I'm still curious. With all the changes going into effect with AC, I happened to look at my pets AC. On live server, pet has 65 AC, while on Lam its 48. Same gear and enhancements. Of course, the pets character sheet still shows 0% Fortification, which has always been a pain since Augment Summons is supposed to grant increased Fort.

Base AC: 10
Enhancements: 18
Dex Bonus: 10
Superior Stability: 6
Enhancement Bonus (Docent): 4

Live (Cannith)
Base AC: 10 (Presumably)
Enhancements: 18
Dex Bonus: 10
Superior Stability: 6
Enhancement Bonus (Docent): 5 (Although my lvl 19 pet could previously equip crafted +5 Docent of Superior Stability, changes to crafting increased the minimum level from 15 to 19 for the same item on Lammania. This is going to be a huge pain for those who have crafted items for their characters, only to suddenly have them unequipped once the expansion comes out because of the changes to +Level for crafting prefixes/suffixes.)

I read elsewhere that Iron Defender Homonculus gained a natural armor bonus that increased as it levelled, I presume that this is where the majority of the difference comes from, as it seems that they no longer gain any additional armor bonuses as they level. Is this intended or an oversight?

Looks like the Druid wolf pet is based on the artificer pet. So whatever has happened with this will most likely carry over. Unless the Druid pet is supposed to be physically more powerful than Artificer pet?

06-16-2012, 11:50 AM
We will look into it.

06-26-2012, 08:46 PM
Expansion is now live, and changes put into place. Artificer pet AC is still only 49, when was 65 prior to expansion. Also, still nothing showing whether pet receives bonus to Fortification or any Physical Resistance. Again, just trying to find out if these are intended changes or an accidental side effect?


Cannith Server
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