View Full Version : Object Desire potions are bugged.

06-15-2012, 08:33 PM
Quick run down:

Lesser potions: Min lvl 1 (+5 to respective spells)
"Regular" (since they don't have a modifier): Min lvl 7 (Also +5 to respected element)
Improved Potions: Min lvl 13 (Also just +5 to respective element)

All the above have the spell description for the lesser effect.

Greater Potions: Min lvl 19 (+10 to respective element)
Superior Potions: Min lvl 25 (+10 to respective element)

No Spell Lvl Requirements either (like lvl 4 spells and below) according to the descriptions. As it stand now, there no need to wait until Lvl 25 for Sup Potions, the Greater Potions at Lvl 19 are the same.

SS attached: (only 3 as I couldn't upload more due to a server error)