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06-15-2012, 02:22 PM
There seems to be a lot of concern for monks in the new combat system. On my testing on lam, I find it to be fairly justified. My ~70 AC monk is taking roughly 3-4 times as much damage than on live. A lot of different suggestions have been made, so here's mine....

I'd love to see AC completely reworked for monks. Maybe tie things to stance and Ki. I've thought of a few 'out there' things that might be pretty cool.

My view of monks is that they should be a dodgy class, they are quick, don't get hit much but when they do it hurts them pretty bad. This should reflect in AC and especially dodge bonuses. Mountain stance is the exception, .

Here's some out of the box ideas (all the numbers can/should be tweaked for balance, as this is all off the top of my head):

Idea 1: Damage mitigation wildly different per stance:
Wind Stance (The dodgy stance). Going into wind stance brings your AC down to 10, however raises your dodge to your AC (capped at XX% or AC-20 or some other modifier for balancing)
Mountain stance. (The tough guy stance) AC Stays the same, bonuses to DR And PRR. Fairly similar to what it is now.
Water stance (flows with the blows) Straight up addition to AC (1 point per level?).
Fire stance (The attack stance) loss of AC, but gain to damage. maybe 5 ac, 1[W]? Or maybe: a fire shield that reduces damage by x%.

Idea 2:
Have a Ki ability to boost dodge.
Something like this:
Spend 5 ki to add 3% dodge for 2 minutes. This can be stacked monk level/2 times. No cooldown.
The numbers can be tweaked for balance.

Anyways, just some out there ideas... flame away....

06-15-2012, 03:34 PM
Honestly, I am more worried about characters that splash two levels of monk; most likely, any bonus granted to monks will increase depending on how many monk levels a character possesses. This means that any melee character that has splashed two levels of monk and wears light armor in order to benefit from evasion or cloth to remain centered is in serious trouble.

06-15-2012, 05:19 PM
Also not happy that im getting posioned, i mean Diamond Body should give immunity to poisons of all kinds, like its stated on D&D wiki http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Monk

06-15-2012, 08:10 PM
I wholeheartedly agree here.
And I wouldnt worry too much about the splash toons exploiting the build mechanic. All the devs need to do is set any buff mechanics at about lvl 4 and ensure you have to be centred. Thats way too deep a splash for an arcane or 'expoliter' build to dip into. Any deeper than than and (eg. capstone or lvl18) and handwrap/centred builds (12/6/2, 12/8, clonk) will be as nerfed as they are now on beta.

06-16-2012, 11:57 AM
I heard a rumor that monk damage progression is changing with motu due to the reworking of weapon damage (i.e. the whole [W] damage increment concept). Is there any validity to the rumor I heard?

06-16-2012, 12:26 PM
I do Beleive that monk damage die progression is changing, as in earth stance I see a [1d6]+etc. instead of the usual 2d12/2d14.
I am upset that I cannot change stances while madstoned.