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06-14-2012, 04:09 PM
Reading all of these changes has me a bit concerned about Monks.

On my Monk I use strikes, finishers, stuns etc. All of which costs Ki.

To get the most out of my ki I've boosted my to hit as best I can and by and large I pretty much only get a miss and waste ki when I roll a 1. I can live with that, 5% is fine, especially since I can regain the lost ki by attacking the mobs (Frozen Tunic/Oremi's etc).

However with the proposed changes it looks like everyone will be missing more and we won't just be throwing ki into the air 5% of the time but quite a bit more.

Ki will also be harder to regen due to missing the mobs more. We don't get ki for a miss.

If we're missing more then that's more ki spent trying stun after stun to get it to land, burning more ki.

That's more ki watching strikes flitter away into the ether, and I pity poor Dark Monks, I can just imagine the 'fun' of watching all that ki from Touch of Death get wasted on miss after miss. (For casters, think of it like the 'You are not facing' bug but multiplied)

Another concern is that currently on live I use Superior Ardor pots and clickies to boost my healing finishers.

How will this affect Light Monks?

AC and Dodge has already been talked about to death and is on the Known Issues list, but who knows if they'll fix it before it goes live?

Is my monk going to go from reasonably durable to becoming close personal friends with her Soul Stone?

06-15-2012, 09:24 AM
I think ki gen won't be affected that much. Missing with stuns and TOD is going to be a concern but my biggest concern is physical resistance. Other than being in Ultimate Mountain Stance, monks appear to be pretty soft targets. Heavy armor will have a significant benefit over an outfit and with the changes to AC, you won't be building an AC tank so you will get hit. Monks should be getting hit less, avoiding damage is what you expect from a grandmaster of martial arts. As apposed to heavily armored types that absorb large amounts of physical damage. That all makes sense to me. But with the AC changes, that isn't going to happen for monks. Maybe the capstone could provide a substantial amount of AC bonus even though that still may not be enough to compensate.

06-15-2012, 10:19 AM
Yeah the AC changes do seem to have been rushed though. Monks are an awkward case because they are Unarmored, and in the thick of it.

But here is another key thing. They are also premium. If you rolled a monk you ether bought the class or took a sub to let you do that. And now, you are an afterthought.

Not looking good on my main.

06-15-2012, 10:29 AM
look at my thread about monks being glass cannons in the lam combat section. Seriously though, if these changes go through, either reroll into a fighter & take ledg drednought .... or just delete & play a caster.

That being said, I am sure - no positive - that you will still be able to play your monk. He'll just be as sub-optimal as a ranger

& Yes, I'm very angry about it (& adding 6 dodge (latest Eleadrin posts) does didly squat to make monks more durable)