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06-14-2012, 02:22 AM
Hi, its a suggestion to add new difficulty setting to all quests of level 20 and higher, and all raids: Uber difficult.

With this added, difficulties should be balanced against:
CASUAL: Solo player of average/below average skills and character.
NORMAL: Team of average players, or decently built, skilled and geared soloers.
HARD: Team of decently built, skilled and geared characters, or duoed by TRs with multiple raid and epic items.
ELITE: Team of TRs with multiple raid and epic items, or hard teams who wishes to challenge themselves, and bleeding, full of holes etc, chance to complete if they got excellent skills and quest knowledge, and know how to perfectly prepare themselves for upcoming encounters.
UBER: Ballanced against the best possible builds, items, tomes TRs and consumables in game, requiring insane coordination, skill and quest knowledge.

06-14-2012, 02:25 AM
You are missing the "UNFAIR" difficulty, which is not balanced at all and the only way to complete is to abuse the best strategies and go crazy with cheap tactics and AI exploits.

I miss the nightmare mode in the doom games :D

06-20-2012, 11:54 AM
Yea would love something like that..

Back when i suggested all epics get difficulty settings a year ago, I asked for EE to be like a nightmare mode.

I mean at least for the original ones.. I mean they have 8! modes available, can't one of them just be completely unfair for those who enjoy that?

Apparently not.

But EE is at least somewhat challenging in its current form.

Course no matter what we get, even if the game had 150 different difficulty settings, some would complain and demand the highest setting be made easy for them. And eventaully the devs would give in and do so.

Course one major reason for this is everyone wants "the best", the best xp, the best loot, the best favor.. And the devs keep putting that in the top mode despite our requests not to .

I'd love to have a "Nightmare" mode where it be essentially impossible to win without meeting insane conditions that take weeks of trial and error to win. Like NINTENDO HARD....
And I'd ask that it grant zero xp, zero loot and zero favor. At most maybe record it as an achievement in the monster manual "Slain NIGHTMARE mode Lailat!". Just purely for fun..