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06-13-2012, 08:08 AM
With the semi-committed half-hearted push DDO is making towards guilds at the moment i though i would bring up a few ideas about further guild features to help with guilds working together for renown

Marquee has a history amongst pirate ships, most notably in the Caribbean during the 1500-1700's. countries would secretly offer pirates money and status to protect their own interests while taking out the competition. in the world of DDO this would translate in Marquee for houses, where you would buy a marquee for you guild from a selected house patron which means that you could then get a house representative for you ship who would dish out quests for you to do for that house against their competitors. dependent on the house you have marquee with the quest types and goals would differ. these quests would be guild member only in parties, have a three day cool down per member and most importantly hand out Guild renown instead of XP at the end, with the amount of guild favor being calculated the same way that is is with XP in normal quests. i.e conquest, survival.
you can only have marquee with one house at a time and if you want to change to another you would have to pay an increased price for it. basically buying a pardon for possible transgressions against the house during your last marquee, as well as the new marquee for that house.