View Full Version : Guild Armor

06-13-2012, 07:55 AM
With the semi-committed half-hearted push DDO is making towards guilds at the moment i though i would bring up a few ideas about further guild features to help with guilds working together for renown

this would be a guild enhancement that is delivered from an armourette attached to a hard point on your guild ship. it will act as a multiplier for guild renown picked up in a quest based upon how many of your guild members with this enchantment are in the party.
it could also have an visual perk as well, with an armour appearance kit attached to your armour for the duration of the enhancement. this appearance kit would be designed by your guild, from the skins available to randomly generated loot armours currently in the game. letting you choose underlay-lays, plates and colour, providing a distinctive armour look for you guild that others would recognizes as your while you were wearing it.