View Full Version : Running with the Devils

06-09-2012, 11:16 PM
It may be good to revisit some of the older content with high level characters and see if some sort of scaling leaked in that was unplanned for.

I ran Phut (20 Monk/5 Epic/5 GoF) thru it on elite and expected to breeze thru (I do on live just as a level 20 Monk) in ridiculously short time to be shocked.

The Gaele seem to heal far more efficiently than they used to (and either the Bralani also learned to carry heal scrolls or maybe their ice storms and lightning bolts heal them as I saw them heal up after I cleared a current room of the Gaele).

I just spent over 15 minutes killing Taeron Rimond (and I suspect I was able to by erasing the pair of Gaele with Everything is Nothing at the onset and a dash of luck. I chugged a full stack of 10 Lesser Silver Flame Pots and cycled thru various of my wraps to find what would give me the luck to out dps his healing (oddly either he ran out of SP or the Corrosive Salt dot from the Epic Calomel Wraps are what carried me thru). The spacing due to animations between the GoF moves gives him ample time to maintain half health for the majority of the fight (this is including 2 or 3 additional doses of EoN as it came available...yeah it took that long).

Long story short...how in the world did this Vale quest on Elite become far more challenging capped in beta than current cap in live? I smell scaling shenanigans.

I am interested to hear what others' solo runs are turning up in some of these.