View Full Version : girdle of mascularity/femininity

06-09-2012, 10:11 PM
So umm... in the ddo store we have the ability to change alignments now for a while... we can change race and class via true res, even alignment, but not character sex....

Was wondering when/if we might possibly see something like that item from dnd into the store... or you know something like it.

it'd just be nice to be able to change sex somehow, an item, or tr... you know just saying since back when they started f2p (actually a bit before) when they started the new character geneartion screen, and they changed auto sex select to female (when it had been male before) and someone created a wf and didnt realize female was selected instead of male (know a few people who did this) and dint notice their wf was fem till creation. Well if ya wanted a dude, and your wf... it dont matter... but if your half orc and you want half orc smash instead of half or smash head with its own boobs... well as of right now we're still kinda lost in the woods a few years later.

So yeah I was just wondering if this was still in the works (I do remember seeing one of the devs or commuity managers comment on it a long time ago, but it was one of those vauge not right now but maybe down the road comments)