View Full Version : Druid wolf companions still perma-bugging at level 9

06-06-2012, 08:02 PM
In the interest of persistence I'll make a new post on these boards since the closed beta boards are gone now.

What's happened to me on four druids so far, including one tonight on the open beta build, is that after my character trains to level 9 in druid and then summon my wolf companion, he is stuck in a permanent state of not attacking enemies or interacting with objects. This state persists through dismissing/resummoning, logging out, starting new game sessions, etc.

If I have a wolf summoned prior to training to level 9, and keep that wolf out, he will continue to attack normally. It's only once I've summoned a new wolf after training to level 9 as a druid that this kicks in, and nothing I've tried so far (including leveling up further) has gotten him to resume his normal wolfly duties.