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06-06-2012, 04:52 PM
Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is no need to submit a bug report unless otherwise noted. For more information about bug reporting, click here (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=93871)!

Current Known Issues (2-27-2014)

Of Special Note

NEW: Epic Level Characters cannot enter PvP Arena instances.
Temple of the Deathwyrm: The first room with portals to puzzle rooms incorrectly labels two of the puzzle rooms. The portal on the right actually leads to the trap puzzle, and the portal on the left leads to the jumping puzzle.
Focus orb images have not been set in Temple of the Deathwyrm.
Feedback is lacking regarding the fix to some requirements between different trees to stop identically named non-ability score enhancements from stacking (Critical Damage and Critical Accuracy from the Fighter Kensei, Rogue Assassin, and Ranger Tempest Trees).
The Deepwood Stalker enhancement "Improved Weapon Finesse" is not applying to Unarmed attacks or Handwraps.
Shintao: the light based moves do not build up to finishing moves.
The Assassin enhancement Shiv does not reduce the threat of nearby enemies as described.
The Paladin's Improved Dilettante does not add up to three points of the character's Charisma bonus to increased Saving Throws.
There is no Skill Focus: Spellcraft feat
Traveling through a portal while in a quest resets Epic Moment counters.
Elvin Accuracy is currently described as “2% to hit with all attacks.” While it is working, it does not give feedback anywhere that it is working.
LAMANNIA ONLY: Two Launchers may appear while patching. While this is not intended, it should not interfere with your access to Lamannia once it has fully patched.
LAMANNIA ONLY: If you are patching from the Lamannia build at the end of May (Build 8040) you may encounter invoker issues. The following workaround is available:

Create shortcut to TurbineLauncher.exe
Right click on shortcut
Select properties
Add “ –invoker” to the end of the “target” field
Click OK
Double click on the new shortcut

The Stone of Experience from the holiday box claims it is tradable. Stones can only be activated by the original person who opened the Holiday Box; to use the Stone on a friend you must join a party and target them with the Stone.
During a reincarnation, a display error can cause the XP bar to not properly show character XP even though the player has XP and can level up with the Reincarnation trainer.
Old and completed in-game help requests will push an inaccurate ticket update notice when you log into a character. This issue is cosmetic and does not mean that you have any open issues with customer service. Removing the ticket status will still result in the same issue the next time you log into the game. We’re working to resolve this issue and appreciate your patience.
Windows users with desktop shortcuts pointed to "dndclient.exe" may experience a launcher error. Ensure that your shortcuts are pointed to "turbinelauncher.exe" instead.
Some Intel users may find that when DirectX 10 is enabled, only their UI is visible and the rest of their screen is black. If this occurs, we recommend you disable DX10, enable DX9, and restart the game client.
Because DDO content is created by hand, some issues cannot be permanently fixed with a global or systematic change. Developers must fix these issues one-by-one by hand with the help of bug reports with specific information. This includes the following:

Ladder issues: please include the /loc when reporting a ladder issue
Stuck spots: please include the /loc when reporting a stuck spot
Typos/Grammar: please indicate which NPC, Quest, UI, or Item it appears in
Monster Manual: please include the Monster's name and quest or wilderness where it appeared.

Refusal to interact with doors, levers, trap boxes, or shrines: please include the /loc and description of the object the hireling would not interact with
Please include the hireling's name. Each hireling is unique.


Barbarian paths are not bestowing their passive dodge bonuses following a level increase until a character log out and back in.


Runestone and ammunition recipes lack full descriptions.
Changing sort options in a Cannith Crafting device does not reset the device recipe list's page number.
Shards of Bashing are only listed as "Shard" when crafted.
Items in ingredients bags are sometimes "invisible" when logging back in. This is a display issue only; the items remain in ingredients bags.
Information about the various crafting schools does not display when the mouse pointer hovers over the name of the school. This information displays when the pointer hovers over the level bar.
The Shard of Tendon Slice fails to give the tendon slice mutation to an off-hand item, but will overwrite existing suffixes and consume the shard.
It is possible to apply Incite +20% to a bow, which increases threat generation to main or offhand melee attacks. Since this is not possible with a bow, the mutation has no effect.


When visiting the Challenge Trader in House Cannith, the tooltip for Calomel's Repeating Light Crossbow shows the tooltip for the heavy crossbow.
There is an extra mapnote for the Extraplanar Mining: Labor Shortage challenge.

DDO Store

Selecting Paypal as a payment method can cause the game to close.
After playing for extended amounts of time in the game, your DDO Store session may time out when you attempt to open the Store. To correct this, press the home button (the house shaped icon in the upper left of the Store window) to reload the Store.
Players who purchase the Maple Airship Interior Stain receive a white version instead.
"Continue shopping" store link takes you to the homepage
If you meet the pre-requisites to see an item in the Store (such as having a character ability or purchasing a prerequisite item), you may need to reload the Store for the item to appear. Press the home button (the house shaped icon in the upper left of the Store window) to reload the Store.
Shared Bank Space will not filter out once purchased, allowing multiple purchases without granting multiple Shared Banks (there is no such thing as multiple Shared Banks).


Pale Master's "Shroud of the Vampire" does not deactivate properly.
None of the homunculus enhancements list their requirements.
Conjuration V - Cloudkill does not have the proper requirements.

Epic Destinies

Primal Avatar: It is possible to gain more spirit than intended during combat. This will be corrected in a future update.


Euphonia's Challenge: Treasure of the Crystal Cove

Hirelings do not share the gems they receive from killing monsters in Crystal Cove. Players can ensure they get their fair share of the loot by delivering the killing blow.
Torches can be placed in a location that puts the torch several feet into the air, causing confusion for kobold miners. Players who experience this issue should pick the torch up, and move it to a different spot.
The drop rate for requisition items received through killing boss monsters in Crystal Cove is lower than intended. The requisition item prices have been temporarily lowered in the DDO Store.


The Quicken Spell metamagic feat sometimes fails to work when assigned to a spell from the per-spell metamagic menu.

Guilds & Airships

After a sudden server restart, it can take up to an hour for guild airship amenities to repopulate. No action is needed for the amenities to reappear, but placing amenities in the empty hook points can cause amenities to be overwritten when they repopulate.
Guilds have no way to usurp an inactive guild leader if no successor or officers have been named.
Players who have turned off "Accept Guild Invites" will still receive emailed invitations.
The DDO Store version of the Small Guild Chest incorrectly only allows Officers or Leaders to access the chest.

Hirelings - When reporting issues with a Hireling, be sure to include the name of which Hireling you were using.

Monsters can aggro hirelings through doors.
Hirelings who can cast raise dead/resurrection don't always do so without being ordered to using the hotbar (but may sometimes do so without being asked first).
Nedry Smallfoot (Level 14 Warforged Wizard) does not appear to remember that he can cast spells.


Scrolls of Conjure Bolts do not conjure any bolts.
Some versions of the ring Seal of Dun’Robar from the quest House of Rusted Blades have additional, unintended effects which may not function properly. This will be corrected in a future update.
Some Drow Weapons from the quest House of Rusted Blades are missing all of the effects that are supposed to be on them. This will be corrected in a future update.
If you have an Exclusive item, and attempt to trade your Eberron Dragonshards to the collection NPC, the NPC can't give you another item because it's exclusive, but takes the shards anyway.
The bonus damage associated with the Greater Bane benefit is not applying on crafted handwraps.
The Holy Burst benefit from Tower of Despair rings does not stack properly with the Holy benefit on crafted handwraps.
Epic Ring of the Buccaneer is missing +5 Protection
Some armors cause a lighter skin color on a character's neck than intended.
The text displayed on auto-granting of epic scrolls in the Risia Ice Games state, "DNT TBD".
When wielding the +1 Starter Scimitar, the flaming effect does not disappear (like the weapon) when emotes are used.
The 'Keen' effect does not apply properly to thrown weapons.
The following potions can not be used while raged. They will be updated in the future. Neutralize Poison, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Remove Fear.
When wearing the White Dragonscale Robe, dark-skinned female drow necks turn white.
The icon for "Blessing of Moradin/Onatar" can be removed by dispel magic effects. This is a visual error only - the blessing is still on the items and shows properly on item inspect. Only unequipping the items or death can remove these blessings.


Certain spellcasting monsters appear to throw spears that they do not have.


DM Voice over is not playing in the Restless Isles content.
The game client can occasionally crash when entering the Sands of Menechtarun or other wilderness zones.
Harbinger of Madness

Quest: In the Flesh

Some lines of DM text do not appear during the boss battle.

The Devils of Shavarath

Devil Battlefield

Tower of Despair

The warded chest can sometimes offer no loot to players upon quest completion.

Attack on Stormreach

Quest: Blockade Buster

Players may appear in the wrong place if a ship explodes while a player is in a loading screen.
Windows of the Blockade Ships sometimes linger after the ships are destroyed.
Demolition Charges don't always play sound correctly.
Falling from the upper deck of the ship can sometimes cause you to become stuck "floating" in the air.
If you are killed by the ship explosion, you can still walk around the ship as a ghost even though the ship was destroyed.

Deception in Stormreach

Quest: Eyes of Stone

Some Coin Lords and Palace Guards may move around a bit even though they are turned to stone.

Quest: Framework

Some ballista are not working reliably.

Dreams of Insanity

Hirelings sometimes run off and draw too much monster aggro.

Korthos Island

Shipwreck Shore

Cellimas and Jeets sometimes get stuck in the pool room once combat is over.

The Necropolis

Accursed Ascension

The warded chest can sometimes offer no loot to players upon quest completion.
The special end reward list that is offered upon every 20th completion may be truncated.

Secrets of the Artificers

Power Play

Warforged are missing their death animations.

Tear of Dhakaan

This quest is listed in the adventure compendium as being in Kundarak, but the quest will actually be found in Phiarlan!

The Vault of Night

The Vault of Night

No resurrection shrine appears at the end of the fight against Velah.

Vale of Twilight


Valairea Satnerine's tutorial quest for the Altar of Fecundity doesn't check for items inside bags. As long as the items she wants are outside the bags, she will take them.


Female elf and drow noses change from the nose selected during character generation.
Half-elf facial hair options should be on a different slider than facial detail options.


NEW: Items in Artificer Iron Defender or Druid Animal Companion equipment slots can be lost upon reincarnation (Lesser, Greater or True.) Players should make sure to remove gear from their companion/defender’s inventory prior to a reincarnation.


Wall of Fire is doing more damage than intended to undead.
Create Undead has a 10 minute cooldown for wizards, and a 5 minute cooldown for sorcerers, but the timer isn't mentioned in the spell description.
The spell point cost for Grease is incorrect.
Cyclonic Blast damage numbers from the spell do not appear in the combat log.
Spells will sometimes appear to shoot upwards, though they still hit the target.
Monsters that can stealth themselves (hellhound, winter wolf, air mephits) will be very hard to see after being summoned.
Summon Monster IX: The Ghaele shows up incorrectly in the focus orb.
Sometimes the Death Pact debuff persists through dungeon entry even though the bonus does not.
When casting Blade Barrier while standing in water, the spell effect will disappear immediately after it appears.
Summon Monster III creatures have skin and visibility problems.
Summon Monster IV gives an incorrect skin to Greater Ice Mephits.


The chat box can be difficult to click on to activate. While we work to resolve this issue, players can use the Enter key to activate a chat box.
Items are not properly displaying their restriction graphic (aka, the "red box") on the auction house, shared account bank, and True Reincarnation cache UI panels. Players should read the item description information to determine whether their character can equip or otherwise use the item prior to purchasing an item. This will be corrected in a future update.
Negative effects, insight bonuses, and shield armor class bonuses do not display properly in the Effects channel.
The Artificer icon is cut off in the LFM display when all classes are selected as eligible to join the group.
The DDO game client can crash if a player opens the Help window, accesses the Privacy Policy, closes the Help window, then tries to reopen the Help window.
Players are sometimes unable to report a bug through the in-game browser.
The Who and Friends panels will sometimes show characters at a higher level than they actually are.
Grease is not listed under an enemy's "Your Harmful Effects" icon list in the enemy's examination window.
If a player dies and checks the "Do Not Show" option in the "You Are Dead" UI box, then resets hints, the "Do Not Show" checkbox remains checked the next time the "You Are Dead" box appears.
Lowercase letters on the bottom line of the chat box are cut off, and sometimes hard to read, when utilizing DX 10.
Armor Appearance Kit previews can still be seen on characters in the character selection screen.
Not all elements have been updated, and some (specifically class party icons) can not be reskinned.
The 'Recommended' button for Paths is not working properly.
The LFG icon may not be removed properly after joining a group.
NPCs that have been turned to stone still move in the Focus Orb.


Some ambient audio noises fail to clear up when changing instances/leaving the area, and persist in other areas of the game when they should not.
When moving from an interior space back into a private instance, the avatar may go invisible.
In Dx11, some ground textures appear black, particularly if using the "Low" setting. This can be corrected by turning on Multi-Pass Lighting in the graphics settings, or by increasing the display quality above "Low".
The UI Menu Selection panel is not displayed when the game client is in Windowed Mode.
Artificer Iron Defender Modules appear under the Handwraps section of the Auction House.
Minimizing the game launcher and bringing back into focus while patching may cause errors to display.
Improvements have been made to the game's launcher, in order to become more compatible to Windows Vista. However, some users may encounter errors if they have already adjusted Vista permissions to get the game to work. Click Here (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=134034) for information on how to fix this error.


Of Special Note

The Blessing of the Silver Flame is no longer placed in inventory. The effect is instead automatically applied directly to your character after speaking with Asta Quinlin.
The "Claim Destiny" button will not appear unless you own Epic Destinies. Epic Destinies are not included as part of a VIP subscription.
Many crafted items minimum levels now match their randomly-generated treasure counterparts.
Due to the new UI layout saving option, UI settings have been returned to the default positions. You may arrange your UI to your preferred layout and then save it by typing “/ui layout save [filename]” in the chat box. Replace "[filename]" with an easy to remember name for that layout. This layout is stored locally, and the layout files can be exported to other computers. You will only need to do this once for each character that you prefer a custom layout for.
The DDO Unlimited key mapping will over-ride existing Stormreach key maps. Make a copy of your 'ddo.keymap' file before using DDO Unlimited to retain your old settings.
If you are downgrading from a VIP account, any characters of a premium race and/or class that you have not purchased with Turbine Points or unlocked with favor must be purchased/unlocked before you will be able to access the character as a free or premium player. Example: If you downgrade and select a warforged monk, you will need to purchase monk and warforged before you'll be able to play the character.
Remember that if you take Jeets offer to skip the tutorial you will be advanced ahead in the storyline of Korthos. In order to group with friends who have not yet unlocked the ability to skip the tutorial, decline Jeets offer to skip ahead and complete the grotto tutorial instance. This will allow you to enter the snowy version of Korthos village to group with other players in that part of the story!

DDO Store

Once Favored Soul or Drow is unlocked with favor points, it is still accessible in the DDO Store. This is by design, as purchase in the store will grant Favored Soul or Drow access to your account for all servers, while favor unlocking is per-server only.
Viewing the Store before you login a character will only display account level character purchase items. To see a full list of items available to your character, log in the character.
The DDO Store's automatic filtering does not recognize feats or enhancements that allow you to overcome prerequisites for some items. This can result in the Store blocking some items from appearing in your catalog because the store doesn't think you are able to use the items. To see and be able to purchase these items, turn off filtering.
You must close and reopen the DDO Store to purchase each upgrade of the Shared Bank: Platinum Vault.

Creature Companions

Creature companions always seek to be with their owners, and therefor rapidly teleport when their owners are swimming, flying, or using an elevator platform.

Epic Destinies

It is possible to override Energy Sheath with lower-powered buffs of the same type.


Hirelings will path to monsters across water if they think they can jump across. They aren't very good swimmers though, and if they don't make the jump, you will have to recall them to you.

In Game Vendors

When selling to pawnbrokers, remember that unlike Tavern-keepers and general vendors, other players can purchase an item you've sold to the NPC. Additionally, it is intended that items sold to pawnbrokers will not appear in your buyback list. Instead the item will appear for purchase in the sell tab of the pawnbroker's list.
Tad Hardcastle spent so much on his new acrobats outfit that he has tried to cut some corners on his donation gifts. The Greater Tumble spell he casts will only allow players to tumble if they have more than 0 ranks in tumble.


Airship beacons cannot be used in Delver's Canteen.
Players can disjunct an item multiple times in a row, even though the item has already been prepared for crafting using a Dust of Disjunction.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

The minimum ranks in the Perform skill required to use Bard songs are based on the 'ranks' taken, not the modified skill total. This is by design.


During PVP, players with the Invisibility spell cast on them can still be seen by opponent players.


Diplomatic Impunity

Root walls cannot be broken with bows.


On lower resolution screens, tooltips may not appear properly.
Computers operating with the following Video Cards may have performance or other difficulties:

Nvidia 7800 GTX

Floaty names may appear distorted. Turning off video post effects will correct the issue.

Nvidia Geforce FX 5950 Ultra

You may experience performance problems.

ATI Radeon 7500

You may experience performance texture problems in certain areas of the game.

Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

You may experience performance problems.

ATI Radeon HD 3650

You may experience performance problems at very high game settings.

ATI Radeon HD 2400

You may experience performance problems.