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05-09-2012, 11:15 AM
Expansion content will open/close - and be accessible at varying degrees - throughout the beta. Check this thread often for the latest list of accessible Expansion content during Open Beta and what to pay attention to as you play with it!



To allow us to test the permissions and prerequisite flows of Expansion, all account-level permissions have been set to the state they will be when the Expansion launches. This means that:

If you have not yet purchased the Expansion, your account is not flagged as being eligible to access Expansion-specific content or Challenges. Purchase of the Expansion will allow your beta character access.
If you are not a VIP, you must purchase the Druid from the beta Store in order to access it and must receive tokens from the NPC to access Eveningstar Challenges.

Druids may not use Veteran Status.
Closed beta characters were not wiped from the Server. Enjoy!


Lamannia XP is currently accelerated, and set to 3x Experience Boost for Heroic content. No acceleration has been applied to Epic XP.
No Loot Bonuses are currently active in Open Beta - go seek out the new random treasure changes and at-level chest adjustments!
The Stone of Experience is currently available on Lamannia. To learn about how to use/acquire it, click here (http://www.ddo.com/stoneofexperience)!

Quests Available:

All quests and Adventure Areas are now available with the following exceptions:

The Raid remains closed as of June 6th. Raid nights will be announced when they are available.
The Quest "Worm Food" is currently unavailable.
The Quest "The House of Death Undone" is currently unavailable.

Players of level 16 or higher may begin the story quest to travel to the Forgotten Realms.

NOTE: Characters must complete the Spinner of Shadows quest before the story will progress them to the Forgotten Realms intro quest "Beyond the Rift".

Eveningstar Public Area:

Currently open to players after completion of the introduction quest.
All associated quests are now available.

King's Forest Wilderness Area:

Currently open to players - accessible via Eveningstar public space.
All associated quests are now available.

The Underdark Wilderness Area:

Currently open to players - accessible after completing the prerequisite quests.
All associated quests are now available.

The Demonweb Wilderness Area:

Now accepting tasty souls! Accessible after completing the prerequisite quests.
Associated quests also available with the exception of the Raid.


You may create a new character who is a Druid! (The class can be found under the "Spellcaster" category in Chargen)
The current Druid level cap is 25!
Druids may not utilize Veteran Status. You may not use +1, +3, +5 Hearts of Wood to swap into Druid levels

Eveningstar Challenge Pack

The following Arenas are open to players:

Ring of Fire
Fight to the Finish
The Great Tree
Ruined Keep: The Sunset Ritual

Epic Levels:

Non-druid characters may level to level 25.
All difficulties of Epic (Casual, Normal, Hard, Elite) are now available! Try them out!
All Epic Destinies are now accessible to players who have purchased the Expansion Pack.

Look but don't touch:

An in-progress version of the Monster Manual is visible, but is not yet functional. While this feature is not part of the Expansion, you are welcome to provide feedback on what you're able to see thus far. Note that Monster Manual's functionality is not yet ready to be played with.


The Raid is currently closed.