View Full Version : Leveling on Lamannia

05-10-2012, 09:15 AM
There are a variety of levels worth of features and content to try out on Lamannia throughout Beta. That means there are several ways for you to get your character to an appropriate level to try things out!

Don't have any existing character? We need players to try out low level content! Log in and start creating a character today!
If you purchased Menace of the Underdark or are a VIP, be sure to try out a new Druid character!
Are you an existing player? Log into MyDDO and visit http://my.ddo.com/charactercopy to copy one of your own characters onto Lamannia! Note that some characters may experience data errors that prevent them from being copied. If this happens, try creating a new character instead!
The Stone of Shared Experience is also available on Lamannia! Learn how to obtain/use the Stone of Shared Experience by clicking here (http://www.ddo.com/stoneofexperience).
Developers will be in the world at select times to assist players, however grants of Experience will only be given for select and targetted testing purposes.